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* @copyright Copyright (C) 2010-2023, the Friendica project
* @license GNU AGPL version 3 or any later version
* This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
* License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
* This file declares the default values for the admin settings of Friendica.
* These values will be overridden by the admin settings page.
* Please don't edit this file directly as its content may change in the upcoming versions.
return [
'config' => [
// info (String)
// Plaintext description of this node, used in the /friendica module.
'info' => '',
// register_policy (Constant)
// Your choices are OPEN, APPROVE, or CLOSED.
// Be certain to create your own personal account before setting CLOSED.
// APPROVE requires you set system.admin_email to the email address of an
// already registered person who can authorize and/or approve/deny the request.
'register_policy' => \Friendica\Module\Register::CLOSED,
// register_text (String)
// Will be displayed prominently on the registration page.
'register_text' => '',
// sitename (String)
// Displayed server name.
'sitename' => 'Friendica Social Network',
'system' => [
// account_abandon_days (Integer)
// Will not waste system resources polling external sites for abandonded accounts.
// Enter 0 for no time limit.
'account_abandon_days' => 0,
// add_missing_posts (boolean)
// Checks for missing entries in "post", "post-thread" or "post-thread-user" and creates them
'add_missing_posts' => false,
// allowed_themes (Comma-separated list)
// Themes users can change to in their settings.
'allowed_themes' => 'frio,vier',
// banner (HTML string)
// HTML snippet of the top navigation banner. Not supported by frio.
'banner' => '<a href=""><img id="logo-img" width="32" height="32" src="images/friendica.svg" alt="logo" /></a><span id="logo-text"><a href="">Friendica</a></span>',
// cache_contact_avatar (Boolean)
// Cache versions of the contact avatars. Uses a lot of storage space
'cache_contact_avatar' => true,
// curl_timeout (Integer)
// Value is in seconds. Set to 0 for unlimited (not recommended).
'curl_timeout' => 60,
// dbclean (Boolean)
// Remove old remote items, orphaned database records and old content from some other helper tables.
'dbclean' => false,
// dbclean-expire-days (Integer)
// When the database cleanup is enabled, this defines the days after which remote items will be deleted.
// Own items, and marked or filed items are always kept. 0 disables this behaviour.
'dbclean-expire-days' => 0,
// dbclean-expire-unclaimed (Integer)
// When the database cleanup is enabled, this defines the days after which unclaimed remote items
// (mostly content from the relay) will be deleted. Default value is 90 days. Defaults to the general
// lifespan value of remote items if set to 0.
'dbclean-expire-unclaimed' => 90,
// dbclean_expire_conversation (Integer)
// The conversation data is used for ActivityPub and OStatus, as well as for debug purposes.
// It should be safe to remove it after 14 days, default is 90 days.
'dbclean_expire_conversation' => 90,
// debugging (boolean)
// Enable/Disable Debugging (logging)
'debugging' => false,
// default_timezone (String)
// Choose a default timezone. See
// It only applies to timestamps for anonymous viewers.
'default_timezone' => 'UTC',
// directory (String)
// URL of the global directory.
'directory' => '',
// explicit_content (Boolean)
// Set this to announce that your node is used mostly for explicit content that might not be suited for minors.
'explicit_content' => false,
// forbidden_nicknames (Comma-separated list)
// Prevents users from registering the specified nicknames on this node.
// Default value comprises classic role names from RFC 2142.
'forbidden_nicknames' => 'info, marketing, sales, support, abuse, noc, security, postmaster, hostmaster, usenet, news, webmaster, www, uucp, ftp, root, sysop',
// compute_group_counts (Boolean)
// Compute contact group level when counting unseen network posts.
'compute_group_counts' => true,
// jpeg_quality (Integer)
// Sets the ImageMagick quality level for JPEG images. Values ranges from 50 (awful) to 100 (near perfect).
'jpeg_quality' => 100,
// language (String)
// System default languague, inluding admin-created user default language.
// Two-letters ISO 639-1 code.
'language' => 'en',
// logfile (String)
// The logfile for storing logs.
// Can be a full path or a relative path to the Friendica home directory
'logfile' => 'log/friendica.log',
// loglevel (String)
// The loglevel for all logs.
// Has to be one of these values: emergency, alert, critical, error, warning, notice, info, debug
'loglevel' => 'notice',
// max_image_length (Integer)
// An alternate way of limiting picture upload sizes.
// Specify the maximum pixel length that pictures are allowed to be (for non-square pictures, it will apply to the longest side).
// Pictures longer than this length will be resized to be this length (on the longest side, the other side will be scaled appropriately).
// If you don't want to set a maximum length, set to -1.
'max_image_length' => -1,
// max_receivers (Integer)
// The maximum number of displayed receivers of posts
'max_receivers' => 10,
// maximagesize (Integer)
// Maximum size in bytes of an uploaded photo.
'maximagesize' => 800000,
// maxloadavg (Integer)
// Maximum system load before delivery and poll processes are deferred.
'maxloadavg' => 20,
// min_memory (Integer)
// Minimal free memory in MB for the worker. Needs access to /proc/meminfo - default 0 (deactivated).
'min_memory' => 0,
// no_regfullname (Boolean)
// Allow pseudonyms (true) or enforce a space between first name and last name in Full name, as an anti spam measure (false).
'no_regfullname' => true,
// optimize_tables (Boolean)
// Periodically (once an hour) run an "optimize table" command for cache tables
'optimize_tables' => false,
// register_notification (Boolean)
// Send a notification mail to the admin for each new registration.
'register_notification' => true,
// relay_deny_tags (String)
// Comma separated list of tags that are rejected.
'relay_deny_tags' => '',
// proxify_content (Boolean)
// Use the proxy functionality for fetching external content
'proxify_content' => true,
// relay_directly (Boolean)
// Directly transmit content to relay subscribers without using a relay server
'relay_directly' => false,
// relay_scope (Relay::SCOPE_NONE, Relay::SCOPE_TAGS or Relay::SCOPE_ALL)
// Defines the scope of accepted posts from the relay servers
'relay_scope' => '',
// relay_server_tags (String)
// Comma separated list of tags for the "tags" subscription.
'relay_server_tags' => '',
// relay_user_tags (Boolean)
// If enabled, the tags from the saved searches will used for the "tags" subscription in addition to the "relay_server_tags".
'relay_user_tags' => true,
// temppath (String)
// Custom temporary file directory
'temppath' => '',
// theme (String)
// System theme name.
'theme' => 'frio',
// url (String)
// The fully-qualified URL of this Friendica node.
// Used by the worker in a non-HTTP execution environment.
'url' => '',
// Used in the admin settings to lock certain features
'featurelock' => [
// Storage backend configuration
'storage' => [
// name (String)
// The name of the current used backend (default is Database)
'name' => 'Database',