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Michael Vogel 2aea286143
Merge pull request #7400 from MrPetovan/bug/7397-frio-settings-fallback
1 day ago
fonts ShaShape font updated 3 years ago
install Proper error when rewrite fails during install. 1 year ago
js Add global Javascript Element.matches polyfill 1 month ago
lang EN US translation update THX AndyH3 4 weeks ago
php Improve display in minimal mode 2 months ago
smarty3 another -x 1 year ago
templates Added the option to only receive top level posts from people you follow 2 days ago
theme Show frio theme customization settings for new users 2 days ago
.htaccess [apache2] Add public asset caching 1 year ago
global.css Add EOF EOL to view/global.css 2 months ago