89 Commits (d8a13d6e8d00347650244ab86958b4b2a4cdb944)

Author SHA1 Message Date
friendica 4b95e8ebe8 rework the liveupdate fixes - what a mess 11 years ago
friendica cd81dcfc9d nasty stuff... 11 years ago
friendica dcb209152d more thread update fixes 11 years ago
friendica 9e8053e3bd fixing conversation updates 11 years ago
friendica 8aae7f047d comments collapsing on page update 11 years ago
friendica b795ce4fe7 little stuff - name change, live updates, new network types 11 years ago
friendica 7a259d4acb ensure comment counts update after refactor of collapsed comments 11 years ago
friendica d4911f15e9 don't allow space in autocomplete nickname 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni 79603e3146 expire settings for items, notes and photos. 11 years ago
friendica 240a3431cc longer lifetime for system message popups so you have time to read them 11 years ago
friendica 6e52ea805b moved tiptip a few more pixels away to reduce flashing 11 years ago
Friendika 78bfb8b14e some works on autocomplete (return with no selection = cancel, tab = select next) 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni 25b972bee2 js: start liveupdate after ping returns to stop continuos welcome message 11 years ago
Friendika 51b0f583b0 tinymce autocomplete 11 years ago
Friendika e19b597180 tinymce tag complete stuff 11 years ago
Friendika d4644d7339 name change continued, social graph tools and stuctures, fix for spanish province name 11 years ago
Friendika e5a7b3e24b add contact-id to auto-complete response to resolve duplicates 11 years ago
Friendika 2d22a58324 @ tag completion enhancements, show url on hover and respect custom attags 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni 7060debeca autocomplete: small fix to js 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni 951c73d825 style autocomplete popup in themes 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni bed0043b30 search delay and hide empty popup 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni bcb672e7ff autocomplete contacts nickname while writting in a comment box. 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni afce790e56 oembed: wrap in iframe only html from remote service 11 years ago
Friendika 077726a193 redo 11 years ago
Devlon Duthie 2cba65bd38 fix for 'show all notifications' on notifications drop-down to handle installations in sub-directories + fix for friend notifications (eg: joe became friends with sam) 11 years ago
Devlon Duthie f5fc8dabe5 Anne set testbubble banner to be fixed, I added the other notification types to /notifcations, added link to notifcations drop-down for all notifications and added notifications drop-down to testbubble theme 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni 209958a584 move call to ping before call to update_* 11 years ago
Friendika 8c9a6b0512 fix notifications duepuntozero 11 years ago
Friendika 7e2284043f show profile url in ACL hovertips, add fork identifier to json siteinfo 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni 968e7bb3b1 Fixes for testbubble 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni 6b6f45f9f1 quattro: initial style of conversations 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni dbc5ecfe57 light notifications menu icon on new notifs 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni abd65e00ab Load infos and notices via ping and show them with js popup 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni 14125ce67b Add tipTip js tooltips 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni 20ca451200 move js to js folder 11 years ago