67 Commits (99a145f7cff984f19e8adbc018a8b631aaa58e0f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Michael 99a145f7cf Fixes several database errors, removes "relation" handling 8 months ago
Michael 10f7280bbc Fetch a given number of posts 8 months ago
Michael 8f27715d8b "item" is replaced whenever possible at the moment 8 months ago
Michael 4157db5473 "item" is replaced by "post-view" / postupdate check added 9 months ago
Michael d755bbae8f Remove unneeded configutation 10 months ago
Hypolite Petovan 99b200868b Normalize return value in Database->fetch 10 months ago
Michael bd9f36622e Cast field data when ATTR_EMULATE_PREPARES is enabled 11 months ago
Michael 303aaa00ca Mode switch for insert 11 months ago
Michael eb8caaa5e7 Restore the connection check 11 months ago
Michael 8906615b2c Test if PDO doesn't work on the tests 11 months ago
Michael 84924d1c05 Test the tes 11 months ago
Michael d6a1a836f1 Simplified connection test 11 months ago
Michael 3a5cdecb62 New function to fetch the database driver 11 months ago
Michael f405336680 Avoid duplicate item entries 12 months ago
Philipp d55ecb9288
Fix a lot of notices/warnings/deprecation notes in the test directory 1 year ago
Philipp 2a464a156f
Update src/Database/Database.php 1 year ago
Philipp d39ee428f0
Introduce "static/env.config.php" for environment variable mapping to config cache entries 1 year ago
Philipp 3587e89482
Introduce a "DatabaseException" class for fatal exceptions (used in testmode to throw an exception in case of DB errors) 1 year ago
Michael 44ee4a54b4 Replace "insert" with "replace" 1 year ago
Michael dfea3ee3d6 Configuration if the database is opened with persistent connections 1 year ago
Michael Vogel e715458005
Update src/Database/Database.php 1 year ago
Michael 212e06b87b Added support for the "replace" database command 1 year ago
Philipp 16591077ac
Fix Database $_SERVER usage and remove old .travis files 1 year ago
Hypolite Petovan afb882048e Generate callstack value from inside Profiler::saveTimestamp 1 year ago
Michael Vogel 9f1d1db1ee Database performance updates 1 year ago
Hypolite Petovan d5acd5f96a Add expected support for sort strings in select() parameters 1 year ago
Hypolite Petovan 5cf5869b04 Add type hint to Database::insert 1 year ago
Hypolite Petovan 8eeb7807d3 Replace remaining instances with "allowlist", "denylist" and "blocklist" 1 year ago
Hypolite Petovan 530ff51898 Rename system config value to db_log_index_denylist 1 year ago
Michael 7ace1049bb Issue 8572: Ensure to log database errors 1 year ago
Michael 4d4678ceb6 New experimental database configurations 1 year ago
Michael ec3290da3b We already have got a function to check if a table exists 1 year ago
Michael e333f45d0f Ensure that the initial values are set 1 year ago
Michael 89b47afb09 Testmode added 1 year ago
Michael d71c3e0812 Activate test mode for database 1 year ago
Michael Vogel e1d21e736a
Update src/Database/Database.php 1 year ago
Michael 6487daa4a9 Issue 8550: Check for a good table_definition cache value 1 year ago
Michael 70e5639e29 Merge 1 year ago
Michael fd752be114 Issue 8546: Added option to not use prepared statements 1 year ago
Hypolite Petovan f047944b2d Switch all item deletion logging to info level 2 years ago
Hypolite Petovan b4597a643d Add callstack context to cascade deletion debug logging 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 23c64b9a11
Add license info at Friendica classes 2 years ago
Hypolite Petovan 559879f41f Enable Model lazy updating based on only the changed data 2 years ago
nupplaPhil d5a473abda
Shorten "PConfiguration" to "PConfig" again, since the Wrapper is gone 2 years ago
Michael 572a3f1180 And the rest of the new lines 2 years ago
Michael 0a4119adaf @brief is removed completely 2 years ago
Hypolite Petovan ef6e9ef26b Add DBA::collapseCondition method 2 years ago
Hypolite Petovan fd5b2d6af2 Fix wrong type-hints for table parameter in Database->selectToArray and DBA::selectToArray 2 years ago
Philipp Holzer d5dd12b8f8
Add Drone CI 2 years ago
Philipp Holzer ca36ea17f9
Fix Auto-Installer 2 years ago