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Michael 977d28353c Transmit push subscriptions 9 months ago
Michael c78d490c2e Some more standards 9 months ago
Michael f29cef175e Remove spaces 9 months ago
Michael 19f3cad56c Preparation for creating push notification 9 months ago
Michael Vogel a3584c0bd3
Update src/Model/Subscription.php 9 months ago
Michael 5056376902 We need to create a vapid public and private key 9 months ago
Michael 74f3cbc383 Improved error check, added "put" 9 months ago
Michael 167a12ef54 Styling 9 months ago
Michael e28a4265c5 API: First steps to support subscriptions 9 months ago
Balázs Úr 054c301ef0 Update copyright 1 year ago
Michael 303aaa00ca Mode switch for insert 2 years ago
Michael Vogel b7b6fae389
Update src/Model/Verb.php 2 years ago
Michael eeda115e32 Adding some more verb handling 2 years ago
Michael 5fe6a2dfcd We now store verbs in a new side table 2 years ago
Michael 70e5639e29 Merge 2 years ago
Michael f75009c20c Some more forgotten DBA::close 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 23c64b9a11
Add license info at Friendica classes 2 years ago
nupplaPhil 388b963714
Replace BaseObject class with DI::* calls 2 years ago
Philipp Holzer 1e36c68e48
Moving Search to Core, Refactor Objects 3 years ago
Philipp Holzer 419cc81ef1
renaming 3 years ago
Philipp Holzer e00f110ef1
Move mod/dirfind to src/Module/DirFind 3 years ago
Philipp Holzer 90248f6bb7
Move .well-known, webfinger, xrd to src/Module/ 3 years ago