190 Commits (8c3ea4b4d415cd1b23e23a095a6195d033312497)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  friendica 5d904a9fa8 improve performance of photo upload page 9 years ago
  friendica 640f5306f5 fix item_id table 9 years ago
  friendica 3ea5001bb0 allow events to be ignored 9 years ago
  Domovoy dac88fce56 Remove database update, use fallback solution instead. 9 years ago
  Domovoy 283e91cd6a Update the `thr-parent` field in the `item` table 9 years ago
  Michael Vogel dc416e5887 Moving the index creation commands into a readme file due to the fact that creating of these indexes is really slow. 9 years ago
  Michael f140a6da89 Further performance improvements 9 years ago
  Michael Vogel 69b883829a Speed improvements in the database 9 years ago
  Domovoy c052c6afca Database can now be automatically updated 9 years ago
  friendica d7920c4c25 term (tag, mention, category, file, etc.) table 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 2edfc3b539 final db updates after testing 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 75ed37fb3d "lock" is a reserved MySQL keyword 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 168ae40dd2 add rudimentary locking capability to Friendica functions 9 years ago
  friendica fbaca4b742 event summary/title 9 years ago
  friendica c464bc494c add like/dislike to profiles 9 years ago
  Fabio Comuni 7cc8c369cb Add support for PNG images with alpha 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 2a01ae8149 database updates 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta 77962aa79d Fix bugs in the retraction code 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta b000088ded prepare to implement database update 9 years ago
  Zach Prezkuta c0af6dbb1a Implement relaying of relayable_retractions 9 years ago
  friendica d27c6de84e add hometown to profiles 9 years ago
  friendica 608d424b0b "howlong" added to marital status. 9 years ago
  friendica 88a0d6a1d5 private group tests, cont. 9 years ago
  friendica 7b0ded3f14 more private forums, default privacy group for new contacts 9 years ago
  friendica dc31b93941 provide "service_class" identifier which will let us provide service_class limits such as number of FB friends, etc. 9 years ago
  friendica 584ac68ae4 adding zrl support to social graphs 9 years ago
  friendica d48cd0f9a3 hidden plugins (add .hidden file to dir) 9 years ago
  friendica 249a6814cd add db field for removed account, which will also be the first test of update error checking 9 years ago
  friendica 0ab6b60a52 archive contact flag 9 years ago
  friendica 8a8702c9cd extensible item_id table for managing all the different message-ids generated by multiple services 9 years ago
  friendica 13dfb40128 fix messed up config tables w/ duplicate entries 9 years ago
  friendica 0731c177eb fix bad sql update 9 years ago
  Alexander Kampmann cbf4544887 added index to config and pconfig table 9 years ago
  friendica b4b1055b50 settings for unknown private mail acceptance 9 years ago
  Alexander Kampmann 43f672877f removed some new lines to cut down number of changed files 9 years ago
  friendica ebdf0ee99e prevent re-registrations using a deleted username - not an issue with Friendica but could create a serious privacy issue with federated platforms 9 years ago
  friendica 7684f63ecd track whether contact is a community page or not 9 years ago
  Alexander Kampmann 899701c3d3 integrated profiler 9 years ago
  Alexander Kampmann 9796e99fa8 added simple build-in profiling 9 years ago
  friendica be231e3466 item table update for file feature 9 years ago
  friendica bbebb4c2a0 notification enhancements 9 years ago
  friendica 53412dacd4 update globaldir when page-type changes, add spam date field 9 years ago
  friendica fc036210fb spam db 9 years ago
  Michael fe3dfbee56 Mail: New options for actions after importing mails. 9 years ago
  Abinoam P. Marques Jr edcc33ab5c Added notify-threads to update.php 9 years ago
  friendica a3cf563b68 update author name across items if changed. 9 years ago
  friendica 44c23cda8e theme shakeup commences - themes are now administered in admin panel. 9 years ago
  friendica b821399f00 email notify now redirected through mod_notify, weirdness in local deliver caused by community page changes 9 years ago
  friendica c87aa8f927 poll structures 9 years ago
  friendica d79c3351ea db installation sync 9 years ago