26 Commits (822fea9d9d6ba55fca712c2067616421320e2e9f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Friendika 822fea9d9d installer text changes 11 years ago
Friendika 74a608e1c7 openid settings appearing when disabled, don't tag numbers, install admin not getting set 11 years ago
Friendika 2d2b500639 input the admin email address during install/setup. 11 years ago
Friendika 6f34f89ddb mb_string is now required. 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni e1107b55c6 add info() function. Works like notice() but show messages in a div with class info-message. 11 years ago
Friendika b2e92e0af3 deprecate load_view_file 11 years ago
Friendika c052d68828 don't use load_view_file() except in email templates and install of htconfig - to avoid getting wrong file when package is updated by copying over an older version. 11 years ago
Friendika e35a5bac55 the rest of the english html templates except for htconfig 11 years ago
Friendika e16bca4f76 first prototype of profile match against global directory (hint: set some keywords) 11 years ago
Friendika f73e40c188 several install issues sorted out 11 years ago
Friendika b381dfa6c6 typo slipped through 12 years ago
Friendika eb6cefaea3 more notes on Windows install 12 years ago
Friendika ad86a5193e some Windows (and other) installation issues 12 years ago
Friendika 2ef6ad80a4 fix installation into subdir of domain 12 years ago
Friendika 9fb967ae34 more pre-install checks to sort out broken environments 12 years ago
Friendika de6c777d3f infrastructure for queueing, redelivery 12 years ago
Friendika 75248512cc more pre-install checking 12 years ago
Friendika abc6199c17 more pre-install checks, try and create db if doesn't exist 12 years ago
Friendika 93c33f0eb3 html escape the raw message 12 years ago
Friendika b4e5b133a1 redirect to registration (rather than login) upon install complete 12 years ago
Friendika 964ca0e079 install messages persist, some colour coordination 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin 2a23a7e840 project rename 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin e25e40f1ef i18n string extraction util 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin d5a13b1e4c localisation path for all view templates 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin 1a1f9b296c contact search + sync to personal edition, installer db check + curl proxy 12 years ago
Mike Macgirvin 35e29e10e6 installer changes, pe sync 12 years ago