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Hypolite Petovan 7b352f3f74 Revert "Coding convention applied - part 1" 6 years ago
Roland Häder 951006dd10
more spaces + some curly spaces added 6 years ago
Roland Häder 41a36606c6
added spaces + some curly braces 6 years ago
rabuzarus 2fcbba9410 provide local time for notifications 6 years ago
rabuzarus 125d2f24dd frio: add profile link to the notifications url 6 years ago
Roland Häder a905522eb5 Cleanup for #3010 - added spaces, thanks to @annando . 6 years ago
rabuzarus 0f81411b26 Bugfix: avatar images for activty like was not shown notifications page 6 years ago
rabuzarus e4a625ad12 Bugfix: seen status was not handled correcty on the notifications page 6 years ago
Jens Tautenhahn 12dd657868 fixes an sql error in NotificationsManager 6 years ago
rabuzarus 0532dc6a61 notifications - correct boolean variable checking 6 years ago
rabuzarus de02154a1b notifications - set default values for some varibles 6 years ago
rabuzarus 8ad345c434 notifications - remove TAB (clean up) 6 years ago
rabuzarus ce3188d5c6 notifications - move intros to NotificationsManager & make json output work 6 years ago
rabuzarus 6d3c15fe91 notifications - add attendance notifications 6 years ago
rabuzarus bcee356f66 notifications - add docu & pagination 6 years ago
rabuzarus 7a4be1cead notifications.php: move more code to NotificationsManager 6 years ago
trebor 52f641904b notifications.php: reduce code duplication 6 years ago
fabrixxm e20aad4347 fix missing html2plain() function declaration 7 years ago
Fabrixxm 9ff0fc92dd NotificationsManager: add backtick to queries 7 years ago
Fabrixxm 756b90a4e0 add docs, rewrite part of the notification api 7 years ago
fabrixxm 44592611e1 new api for notifications 7 years ago