22 Commits (4631c13d083b49753acc8a8eae18503ea554afe3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Silke Meyer d001ee5c65 Marked several themes from the zero theme as deprecated (all but 7 years ago
Zach Prezkuta fdd142c42e never use profile_load outside of a module's _init() function 9 years ago
Thomas Willingham 785fa1e070 Remove unsupported tag from Darkzero-NS since I have been supporting it. 9 years ago
Thomas Willingham 208019ea9c Darkzero/NS .contact-photo-menu 9 years ago
Thomas Willingham 74a819980f Various theme stuff. 9 years ago
Thomas Willingham 75e82dc077 Darkzero-NS fix weeks old BBIcon error 9 years ago
Thomas Willingham c4df339b92 Darkzero/NS - make the archives font the same colour as the other widgets. 9 years ago
Thomas Willingham 18983bb932 Fix darkzero/ns BB icon background colours. 9 years ago
Thomas Willingham c6104fb856 Darkzero-NS + 'Friendicaland' countries. 9 years ago
friendica ba0ade3380 cleanup - make bb-buttons vanish when comment closed 9 years ago
friendica 5af80dbb89 restore qcomment selector 9 years ago
tommy tomson e72eaf2408 zero-themes: add bbcode-toolbar to commentbox 9 years ago
friendica 741a5dba57 provide theme_init() functions 9 years ago
friendica 0164da4fb9 screenshot for darkzero-NS, same as darkzero 9 years ago
Simon L'nu 75883b196e remove auto-complete from darkzero-NS, dispys, since the comment one is now global 10 years ago
Simon L'nu 368d93625d make auto-complete in darkzero-NS. other themes can use this easily. might need to edit the id it hooks into 10 years ago
friendica bf7425c591 click anywhere to close notifications -> zeros and bubbles 10 years ago
friendica 5f7858a688 show experimental and unsupported theme status on theme admin page 10 years ago
friendica fb8675f349 jumping divs with no scrolling 10 years ago
friendica 484426d3e2 imrpove contrast on darkzero blockquotes 10 years ago
friendica 828034ad23 darkzero-NS theme 10 years ago