61 Commits (3092d34a7aee4ad6768659f3515bef603b9b25a4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Michael Vogel 759f199b6f Created hashtags from keywords now are links. URL are cleaned from tracking data. 7 years ago
Michael Vogel 904f8ac422 Creating hashtags from keywords of a feed, when additional data should be fetched. 7 years ago
Michael Vogel 459fc2fabd Security issue: Encoding of GUID in itemcache to avoid directory bypassing with a malificious formatted GUID. 7 years ago
Michael Vogel 7af5c3c560 The useragent string doesn't contains of the words "Mozilla" anymore - but the name "Friendica" and the base url 7 years ago
Michael Vogel e974e586cc Unified user agent string when fetching data. 8 years ago
Michael Vogel dbcfe58ea8 parse_url: Removing of warnings with invalid charsets 8 years ago
Michael Vogel bb5f797047 Preventing an endless loop while fetching site infos 8 years ago
Michael Vogel 6f5bc8d9a7 Setting the user agent to "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Friendica)" 8 years ago
Michael Vogel 53d925095f Added some functionality if oembed isn't working. (Should be extended in the future) 8 years ago
Michael Vogel c41b1c2d55 Building a central functionality to export postings to all networks that only support plaintext postings. In near future this will replace the similar code in the several addons. 8 years ago
Michael Vogel 12866209e8 parse url: Emtpy values in meta headers are now ignored. Oembed data has priority. Videos are embedded with some further information. 8 years ago
Michael Vogel b013537124 parse url: Improvements for detecting the page type 8 years ago
Michael Vogel 37edb3079d parse_url: Trim the content of the description field. 8 years ago
Michael Vogel 608d5255ec Support for twitter cards (in both directions) 8 years ago
Michael Vogel 7cba752f8a parse url: Characters like < and > has to be escaped when showing the parsed output. 8 years ago
Michael Vogel bae844e367 New style for shared links. Preparation for changes in some addons 8 years ago
Michael Vogel 4f38969148 Optional parameter for parseurl to only fetch data from meta information 8 years ago
Michael Vogel 028dc3c3b4 Switching the user agent because CloudFlare has blocked the old one 8 years ago
Michael Vogel 2866f62c88 Suppoorting Open Graph and Dublin Core when displaying single item 9 years ago
Michael Vogel c35feb27f2 community: Only show top postings, no comments 9 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 74caf1a4a7 * Add MIME types for file attachments 9 years ago
friendica 8ab24858fb fix "insert web link" for those without richtext feature enabled 9 years ago
friendica 20938d07cd typo on previous checkin - set max number of images for an inserted link, default 2. 10 years ago
friendica 1478229abc allow comments on other folks wall-to-wall postings 10 years ago
friendica 3968dc932f update writable for dfrn contacts when using local delivery 10 years ago
Michael Vogel 6d0f0e6273 parse_url: Fixed a problem in the detection if there was an image or not. Additionally removed some test content. 10 years ago
Vasudev Kamath 863617013c Access image part of siteinfo only if $siteinfo["images"] is actually set. The current 10 years ago
Michael Vogel 222635d15a parse_url: Just added a comment for future elements that should be added as well. 10 years ago
Michael Vogel 72f430ae58 parse_url: Problem when resizing images 10 years ago
Michael Vogel 5f400c4a97 API: Now returns a real 404 when a function isn't implemented 10 years ago
Michael Vogel 02a1fc9cd0 parse_url: Further improvements of the new method to fetch page data 10 years ago
Michael Vogel 09034ce0ee parse_url: Fetch multiple pictures so that the user can decide what to take. 10 years ago
Michael Vogel 48f67ead9b parse_url: complete new code for fetching website information 10 years ago
friendica 0ecba60503 undefined fn 10 years ago
Fabio Comuni 7cc8c369cb Add support for PNG images with alpha 10 years ago
Tobias Hößl 02a9fd5dc1 A 'PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getElementsByTagName() on a non-object in mod/parse_url.php on line 191' occurred when the linked HTML-File doesn't have a HEAD. The HTML-file couln't be link to in the editor therefore. 10 years ago
friendica c6cdad946e more fixes for textmode 10 years ago
friendica 8aa2552372 add remove_user hook (it looks like dreamhost changed all my file permissions, this will make a nasty commit) 10 years ago
Friendika e5992003e8 better handling of remote urls - especially FB opengraph 10 years ago
Friendika 01164c8c2f fix various html parse errors 10 years ago
Friendika 1c8e89bd03 social bookmark API, oexchange enhancements 11 years ago
Friendika 8a11cec61a allow setting all the bookmarked URL fields via script/API 11 years ago
Friendika 82f7f33cf5 bookmarks + bug #140 11 years ago
Friendika 9ff1a3444e add timezone convert module, several other minor or in progress fixes 11 years ago
Friendika f0af4de4a7 wrap text from imported link in [quote] 11 years ago
Friendika 2a65d01ce2 several fixes to parse_url 11 years ago
Friendika 35edf79abe bug #102 11 years ago
Friendika 24d41e2c6e purify html before trying to parse wild urls. This way at least it should parse. 11 years ago
Fabio Comuni 7c5a7a94d4 Add oembed user option for use oembed instead of standard yotube embedding. 11 years ago
fabrixxm ef64c5187d add config [system][embed_all] to use oembed with links and youtube. Url parse fallback to default if url has not an oembed rappresentation. 11 years ago