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  Philipp Holzer 2e602afd3e Add Monolog 1年前
  Hypolite Petovan 2f49c4a058 Revert "Add monolog" 1年前
  Philipp Holzer 8f9c0fe149 Adding Develop and normal Logging instances 1年前
  Philipp Holzer fe8f0e0045 Add Monolog 1年前
  Hypolite Petovan acaee626f5 Remove include/ requires that are now done directly from Composer 1年前
  Philipp Holzer 83ead5ec48
Test enhancements 1年前
  Hypolite Petovan decfc553f7 Set BaseObject::setApp in App 2年前
  Hypolite Petovan 2243a82bb4 Add new Module classes 2年前
  Hypolite Petovan f43aaf5227 Move Item and Conversation from Core to Object 2年前
  Adam Magness d9e9cbe753 Coding Standards 2年前
  Adam Magness 72749477ed Remove condition 2年前
  Adam Magness ecd9e3e07e BaseObject moved to src/Core 2年前
  Adam Magness 4a1de47513 BaseObject moved to src/Core 2年前