239 Commits (1caa87dce654c25e24749211e746cf55a20dee9c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Friendika 2a679b1164 file attachments 10 years ago
  Friendika 73b4faca5c basic file upload/attach 10 years ago
  Friendika e3d1ef8ef7 ability to hide profile and wall from unknown people 10 years ago
  Friendika 040fc247a0 bug #85 10 years ago
  Friendika d45ad7bb6b suppress duplicate FB posts (incoming after posted locally) 10 years ago
  Friendika ab099e9102 email integration, cont. 10 years ago
  Friendika 863ddf1676 mail changes 10 years ago
  Friendika 27cbb830a7 more work on email contacts 10 years ago
  Friendika 84b2d5a25b local attachment storage 10 years ago
  Friendika 98712bce76 no newline at eof 10 years ago
  Friendika 5173f5b967 missed one 10 years ago
  Friendika bfffd33ff9 table for email poll driver 10 years ago
  Friendika 940d216395 initial dfrn update to pass perms 10 years ago
  Friendika 6728a11ee3 support feed attachments/enclosures, and fix for bug #30 10 years ago
  Friendika b500da74b6 user language storage 10 years ago
  Friendika e0202d82a1 add fulltext index on keywords, missed some directory localisations 10 years ago
  Friendika b7292bc673 user pref -> block remote wall posting 10 years ago
  Friendika f01538a54f content expiration 10 years ago
  Friendika 7b92b42603 keywords split into public and private. Public will be used by the friend finder. 10 years ago
  Friendika 79a6b70a26 friend finder data structures 10 years ago
  Friendika 32e96d2647 reload plugins if they change 10 years ago
  Friendika f856493555 add permalink field to item table 10 years ago
  Friendika 6da603fbb5 typo in schema 10 years ago
  Friendika f70a0b0282 more graceful handling of some statusnet followups 10 years ago
  Friendika 147d7f3bbf theme name cleanup - rename default to loozah, provide sane fallbacks and change system primary theme. 10 years ago
  Fabio Comuni 6efc78e0e4 add cache table 11 years ago
  Friendika b40281802f personal title 11 years ago
  Friendika 5559893293 event and birthday data structures 11 years ago
  Friendika 502d59089b schema typo 11 years ago
  Friendika 7b6385df94 freeform text area for private contact info - notes or things you just want to remember (addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, whatever) 11 years ago
  fabrixxm fa756ffcb9 OpenID delegation in profile page 11 years ago
  Friendika 6808d53d0f plugin/addon API landing - still things left to do before it's useful 11 years ago
  Friendika ddec422de6 begin plugin api 11 years ago
  Friendika 878067101f block connection/friend request spam 11 years ago
  Friendika 24a9a41f96 added "secret" profile search keywords 11 years ago
  Friendika f60f82727f register/login timestamps 11 years ago
  Friendika 78d8bcbc60 personal config storage, template the vcard profile, logging failed uri's to help track down transient dreamhost issues 11 years ago
  Friendika 5763d31b4f db prepare for enhanced magic profiles and remote privacy indicators, fixed $lang setting to use system config var, some other syntax issues 11 years ago
  Friendika e9a1abd133 flatten conversation hierarchy to one level on import but preserve all thread info 11 years ago
  Friendika fac04eda32 getting ready to add partner info 11 years ago
  Friendika 9be4b3482e drop mail delivered flag now that queue is implemented 11 years ago
  Friendika de6c777d3f infrastructure for queueing, redelivery 11 years ago
  Friendika 552c56102e oauth2 db 11 years ago
  Friendika eae34f323b add openid slot to db 11 years ago
  Friendika ce2f8c939d remove 65535 char post limit 11 years ago
  Friendika b94cb8d234 add micro profile photo 11 years ago
  Friendika a985ad4a54 add activity target to items, allow multiple link relations 11 years ago
  Mike Macgirvin b376f21533 notify folks who have been tagged in a post 11 years ago
  Mike Macgirvin b8b227b328 add nicknames to contact records (going forward and retroactive) 11 years ago
  Mike Macgirvin 5edee3c4d1 magic-envelope verification, status.net appears to do it wrong. 11 years ago