202 Commits (1b82df60dbfe0a78d728e440042ca980cd3d9578)

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Domovoy 1b82df60db Port friendica/friendica#79012bf8882baa6843726bcffbcafe959028c1bd 10 years ago
friendica 1478229abc allow comments on other folks wall-to-wall postings 10 years ago
friendica 4cd8233f61 remote_user can now support multiple contacts being logged in at once 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 79012bf888 conversation needs preview parameter 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 72712175b5 regular expressions were grabbing too much 10 years ago
Domovoy 9390eda5e6 Revert wall to wall detection based on @ tags (@ can also target a user, not only a forum) 10 years ago
Domovoy 5cd1dde59b Logic error 10 years ago
Domovoy c9cfc52293 method, not property 10 years ago
Domovoy e3ee997cd3 Fix copy/paste stupidity 10 years ago
Domovoy 8a25c7876c Better wall to wall detection (fallback on checking if we have a @ tag) 10 years ago
friendica 386b6d081b moods 10 years ago
friendica ff0e0782a5 restore old comment behaviour when threading turned off 10 years ago
friendica bcec1bddc0 put the real post time into the post 10 years ago
friendica d96b9cda43 wall-to-wall posts not identified correctly after thread mod 10 years ago
Domovoy 429870015f Comments on friends are back (stupid typo) 10 years ago
Domovoy 82d779a33b Conversation and Item now handles (dis)like as they should 10 years ago
Domovoy 71f11a9a32 Item: new method get_comment_box 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 5e09fc31f5 Threading updates 10 years ago
friendica d4b6188356 getting comment counts correct in a threaded world 10 years ago
friendica 95bf9324b4 fix child count 10 years ago
friendica 20be1778db bring likes back - comment ordering is still a bit funky 10 years ago
Domovoy 75d355a2aa Rendering is now done by Item objects 10 years ago
Domovoy 6ef86e1fff New objects: Conversation and Item 10 years ago
Fabrixxm fc07f50fd8 conversation: add 'thread_level' to $item array 10 years ago
friendica 4894619d7b bring back "delete selected items" - but need to pass pagedropping to each item 10 years ago
Domovoy 4cc6bf660c The number of comments shown when collapsed is the total of all the descendant items. 10 years ago
Domovoy dac88fce56 Remove database update, use fallback solution instead. 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 63628910b2 -- Allow themes to specify an "app" name for posted status updates and comments (via a generic and translateable $sourceapp parameter) 10 years ago
Domovoy 8742beb772 Flatten children when threads are disabled 10 years ago
Domovoy ea7db7b7a8 Threaded items in every page concerned. Some code cleanup. 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 067865db9e fix filer bug; some interface tweaks 10 years ago
Domovoy 7b2ca538c8 Fallback to the old behavior for unhandled conversations mode. 10 years ago
Domovoy 56f0ee4915 Threaded items on profile page 10 years ago
Domovoy 3b330510ea Fixed misbehaviour in collapsing 10 years ago
Domovoy 2fc0fcdc18 Unlimited level threading is now a site option. 10 years ago
Domovoy 25015d3ab9 Update now handles threaded items. 10 years ago
Domovoy 8ea3087342 Collapsing is back for threaded comments. 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 1f09e7ad23 Modify Javascript to improve page loading times 10 years ago
Domovoy d558d25540 CommentBox is now hidden by default, this can be toggled with a fake link 10 years ago
Domovoy 8ecf8167db Threaded comments are starting to work. 10 years ago
Domovoy 2a1657e361 Revert "Progress on #1. Comments are now threaded, at least in the database, for normal view." 10 years ago
Domovoy da1b47a029 Progress on #1. Comments are now threaded, at least in the database, for normal view. 10 years ago
friendica 9c72b45f36 and the main photo menu 10 years ago
friendica d442bbc482 have fun... 10 years ago
friendica 02d88e7cbe name mixup in wall-to-wall hovertips 10 years ago
friendica 7f7e2c5de0 add plink to profile notifications 10 years ago
friendica 085b589468 add some sparkle to plinks 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta da2ccebed8 fix bugs 10 years ago
Zach Prezkuta 173b3a1b9a allow more than one embedded private photo 10 years ago
friendica 6cc844b2f9 restore 'shareable' to feeds after recent feed privacy re-factoring 10 years ago