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Friendika 149d52da8b show correct self profile in api 12 years ago
Friendika dbc3283681 api/statusnet/version 12 years ago
Friendika 829dc24464 api/statusnet/config does not require login 12 years ago
Fabio Comuni b1e766dadb allow GET or POST data in statuses/update 12 years ago
Friendika f47d582736 api/statusnet/config.xml 12 years ago
Fabio Comuni 655f5c7b9f use "contacts/<id_contact>" url as subject id, as statusnet and twitter use urls like "domain/<id_user>". 12 years ago
Fabio Comuni 7cd7a79807 remove duplicate tag in atom response 12 years ago
Fabio Comuni 296f1b0123 add users infos to rss and atom api responses 12 years ago
Friendika 55112cfdd0 item source 12 years ago
Friendika db336929cd add rate limit call so spaz will work 12 years ago
Friendika b86ae9de7f use atom_time on atom entries 12 years ago
Friendika f3292e68a2 user and status outputs reversed for api post 12 years ago
Friendika b56e00c7c5 api post sort of working - output status,user need to be swapped 12 years ago
Friendika cc7c72be90 statusnet API posting (untested as behind firewall at the moment) 12 years ago
Friendika b2e92e0af3 deprecate load_view_file 12 years ago
Friendika c052d68828 don't use load_view_file() except in email templates and install of htconfig - to avoid getting wrong file when package is updated by copying over an older version. 12 years ago
fabrixxm 976d1eaf43 API work 12 years ago
Fabio Comuni 41f6ccc039 More works on api 12 years ago
Fabio Comuni 1fb097951d work on api. 12 years ago
Fabio Comuni b505e76393 First attemp of api 12 years ago