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Version 3.4.3
What's new for the users:
Updates to the documentation (silke, tobiasd, annando, rebeka-catalina)
Updated translations (tobiasd & translation teams)
New "Credits" page (tobiasd)
New custom font icon set (tobiasd, Andi Stadler)
Support to events attendance. Users can mark their participation to an event (rabuzarus, tobiasd, fabrixxm, annando)
Revised templates and used interaction in contacts lists (rabuzarus)
Mobile support for Vier theme (annando, fabrixxm)
Events editing and deletion from stream (annado)
Private forums are mentioned automatically like community forums (rabuzarus)
Show profile pictures and pending notifications on manage page (rabuzarus, annando)
Show Profile photo album only to owner and authenticated contacts (rabuzarus)
User language setting is now between settings in user settings page (fabrixxm)
Search for remote users in form of "@user@domain.tld" is supported (issue #1595) (annando)
Optionally show geo informations of uploaded photos, backport from Red (rabuzarus)
Setting for the first day of the week for events calendar (annando)
Reduced profile view with "show more" link (annando)
Show more informations to users when following a new contact (annando)
Renamed "Statusnet" to "GNU Social" (annando)
Image dialog insert link to image page instead of direct image (fabrixxm)
In registration page make clear that we only need a 'real-looking' name (issue #1898) (tobiasd, n4rky)
Unseen items per groups are shown (issue #1718) (strk, rabuzarus, fabrixxm)
Unseen items in forumlist widget (rabuzarus)
Preview the last five conversations in private message's sidebar (FlxAlbroscheit, fabrixxm)
Don't get notifications about own posts (strk)
Profile page shows a "Subscribe to atom feed" link (annando)
Contact list shows only contacts from supported networks (ananndo)
username@hostname is used instead of full urls (issue #1925) (annando)
Various small OStatus improvements (annando)
Contact's posts are shown in a dedicated page (annando)
Module name is shown in page title to ease browser history navigation (issue #2079) (tobiasd)
What's new for admins:
Forumlist functionality moved from plugin to core (rabuzarus, annando)
Changes on poller/workers limits management (annando)
Diaspora and OStatus can be enabled only if requirements are satisfied (annando)
Support for additional passwords for ejabberd (annando)
Use proxy for profile photos (annando)
'Reload active themes' in theme admin page (fabrixxm)
Install routine checks for ImageMagick and GIF support (fabrixxm)
Install routine checks for availability of "mcrypt_create_iv()" function, needed for RINO2 (fabrixxm)
Only suported themes are shown in admin page (annando)
Optimized SQL queries (annando)
System optionally perform an optimize pass on tables in cron, with maximum table size and minimum fragmentation level settings (annando)
New access keys in profile and contact pages (rabuzarus, annando)
Support for a new Diaspora command for post retraction (annando)
Show an info message if an empty contact group is shown (issue #1871) (annando)
User setting to disable network page autoupdate (issue #1921) (annando)
Settings to limit or permit access to crawler to search page (annando)
What's new for developers:
Themes can show Events entry in navbar (annando)
Themes can now override colorbox (fabrixxm)
Updated Vagrant development VM (silke, hauke)
New hook 'template_vars' (fabrixxm)
$baseurl variable is passed to all templates by default (fabrixxm)
OStatus delivery code is moved in new function (annando)
Doxygen config file and initial documetation of code (rabuzarus)
Full rewrite of util/php2po.php (fabrixxm)
Remote self works again (annando)
Fix feeds mistakenly recognized as OStatus (issue #1914) (annando)
Report invalid feeds to user (issue #1913) (annando)
Fix Update contact data functionality (annando)
Fix proxy function with embedded images (annando)
Fix Diaspora unidirectional connect request (annando)
Fix empty poco response (annando)
Fix API for andStatus (issue#1427, AndStatus issue #241) (annando)
Fix expiration of items (fabrixxm)
Fix javascript contact deletion confirmation dialog (issue #1986) (fabrixxm)
Admin wasn't able to change settings of not currently in use themes. Fixed (issue #2022) (fabrixxm)
Fix rapid repeated requests to GNUSocial instance (issue #2038) (annando)
Fix install routine css when mod_rewrite doesn't works (issue #2071) (fabrixxm)
Fix code to be compliant with minimum required PHP version (issue #2066) (fabrixxm, rabuzarus)
Fix feedback after succesfull registration (issue #2060) (annando)
Fix mention completition popup with TinyMCE (issue #1920) (fabrixxm)
Fix photo cache and proxy when installed in subfolder (ddorian1)
Fix bbcode conversion of the about text for the profile (issue #1607) (annando)
Version 3.4.2
Updates to the documentation (tobias, silke, annando)
Updates to the documentation (tobiasd, silke, annando)
Updates to the translations (tobiasd & translation teams)
Updates to themes frost-mobile, vier, duepuntozero, quattro (annando, tobiasd)
Enancements of the communications via OStatus and Diaspora protocols (annando)