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* **[Why do I getting warnings about certificates?](help/FAQ#ssl)**
* **[How can I upload images, files, links, videos and sound files to posts?](help/FAQ#upload)**
* **[Is it possible to have different avatars per profile?](help/FAQ#avatars)**
* **[How can I view Friendica in a certain language?](help/FAQ#language)**
* **[What is the difference between blocked|ignored|archived|hidden contacts?](help/FAQ#contacts)**
* **[What happens when an account is removed? Is it truly deleted?](help/FAQ#removed)**
* **[Can I subscribe to a hashtag?](help/FAQ#hashtag)**
@ -75,6 +76,13 @@ On your Edit/Manage Profiles page, you will find a "change profile photo" link.
Clicking this will take you to a page where you can upload a photograph and select which profile it will be associated with.
To avoid privacy leakage, we only display the photograph associated with your default profile as the avatar in your posts.
<a name="language"></a>
### How can I view Friendica in a certain language?
You can do this by adding the `lang` parameter to the url in your url bar. The data in the parameter is a [ISO 639-1]( code. eg. translated in German becomes If the question mark is already in the url you need to do it using a ampersand. eg. becomes
When a certain language is forced, the language remains until session is closed.
<a name="contacts"></a>
### What is the difference between blocked|ignored|archived|hidden contacts?