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Friendica BBCode tags reference
* [Home](help)
<pre>[b]bold[/b]</pre> : <strong>bold</strong>
<pre>[i]italic[/i]</pre> : <em>italic</em>
<pre>[u]underlined[/u]</pre> : <u>underlined</u>
<pre>[s]strike[/s]</pre> : <strike>strike</strike>
<pre>[color=red]red[/color]</pre> : <span style="color: red;">red</span>
<pre>[url=]Friendica[/url]</pre> : <a href="" target="external-link">Friendica</a>
<pre>[img][/img]</pre> : <img src="" alt="Immagine/foto">
<pre>[size=xx-small]small text[/size]</pre> : <span style="font-size: xx-small;">small text</span>
<pre>[size=xx-large]big text[/size]</pre> : <span style="font-size: xx-large;">big text</span>
<pre>[size=20]exact size[/size] (size can be any number, in pixel)</pre> : <span style="font-size: 20px;">exact size</span>
<p style="clear:both;">&nbsp;</p>
<p style="clear:both;">&nbsp;</p>
<pre>[quote=Author]Author? Me? No, no, no...[/quote]</pre>
<strong class="author">Author wrote:</strong><blockquote>Author? Me? No, no, no...</blockquote>
<p style="clear:both;">&nbsp;</p>
<pre>[center]centered text[/center]</pre>
<div style="text-align:center;">centered text</div>
<p style="clear:both;">&nbsp;</p>
<pre>[table border=1]
[th]Tables now[/th]
[td]Have headers[/td]
<table border="1"><tbody><tr><th>Tables now</th></tr><tr><td>Have headers</td></tr></tbody></table>
<p style="clear:both;">&nbsp;</p>
[*] First list element
[*] Second list element
<ul class="listbullet" style="list-style-type: circle;">
<li> First list element<br>
<li> Second list element</li>
[list] is equivalent to [ul] (unordered list).
[ol] can be used instead of [list] to show an ordered list:
[*] First list element
[*] Second list element
<ul class="listdecimal" style="list-style-type: decimal;"><li> First list element<br></li><li> Second list element</li></ul>
For more options on ordered lists, you can define the style of numeration on [list] argument:
<pre>[list=1]</pre> : decimal
<pre>[list=i]</pre> : lover case roman
<pre>[list=I]</pre> : upper case roman
<pre>[list=a]</pre> : lover case alphabetic
<pre>[list=A] </pre> : upper case alphabetic
You can embed video, audio and more in a message.
Where *url* can be an url to youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, or other sites wich supports oembed or opengraph specifications.
*url* can be also full url to an ogg file. HTML5 tag will be used to show it.
If *url* supports oembed or opengraph specifications the embedded object will be shown (eg, documents from scribd).
Page title with a link to *url* will be shown.
If you need to put literal bbcode in a message, [noparse], [nobb] or [pre] are used to escape bbcode:
<pre>[noparse][b]bold[/b][/noparse]</pre> : [b]bold[/b]


@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
Friendica Developer Guide
Here is how you can join us.
**Here is how you can join us.**
First, get yourself a working git package on the system where you will be
doing development.


@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ Friendica Documentation and Resources
* [Account Basics](help/Account-Basics)
* [New User Quick Start](help/Quick-Start-guide)
* [Creating posts](help/Text_editor)
* [BBCode tag reference](help/BBCode)
* [Comment, sort and delete posts](help/Text_comment)
* [Profiles](help/Profiles)
* You and other user


@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
Friendica Installation
We've tried very hard to ensure that Friendica will run on commodity hosting platforms - such as those used to host Wordpress blogs and Drupal websites. But be aware that Friendica is more than a simple web application. It is a complex communications system which more closely resembles an email server than a web server. For reliability and performance, messages are delivered in the background and are queued for later delivery when sites are down. This kind of functionality requires a bit more of the host system than the typical blog. Not every PHP/MySQL hosting provider will be able to support Friendica. Many will. But **please** review the requirements and confirm these with your hosting provider prior to installation.
@ -41,6 +42,12 @@ you might have trouble getting everything to work.]
- and then you can pick up the latest changes at any time with
`git pull`
- make sure folder *view/smarty3* exists and is writable by webserver
`mkdir view/smarty3`
`chown 777 view/smarty3`
- For installing addons


@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
**Friendica Addon/Plugin development**
Friendica Addon/Plugin development
Please see the sample addon 'randplace' for a working example of using some of these features. The facebook addon provides an example of integrating both "addon" and "module" functionality. Addons work by intercepting event hooks - which must be registered. Modules work by intercepting specific page requests (by URL path).
@ -51,7 +52,8 @@ currently being processed, and generally contains information that is being imme
processed or acted on that you can use, display, or alter. Remember to declare it with
'&' if you wish to alter it.
Plugins/addons may also act as "modules" and intercept all page requests for a given URL path. In order for a plugin to act as a module it needs to define a function "plugin_name_module()" which takes no arguments and need not do anything.
@ -62,8 +64,29 @@ If this function exists, you will now receive all page requests for "http://my.w
Your module functions will often contain the function plugin_name_content(&$a), which defines and returns the page body content. They may also contain plugin_name_post(&$a) which is called before the _content function and typically handles the results of POST forms. You may also have plugin_name_init(&$a) which is called very early on and often does module initialisation.
**Current hooks:**
If your plugin need some template, you can use Friendica template system. Friendica use [smarty3]( as template engine.
Put your tpl files in *templates/* subfolder of your plugin.
In your code, like in function plugin_name_content(), load template file and execute it passing needed values:
# load template file. first argument is the template name,
# second is the plugin path relative to friendica top folder
$tpl = get_markup_template('mytemplate.tpl', 'addon/plugin_name/');
# apply template. first argument is the loaded template,
# second an array of 'name'=>'values' to pass to template
$output = replace_macros($tpl,array(
'title' => 'My beautifull plugin',
See also wiki page [Quick Template Guide](
Current hooks:
**'authenticate'** - called when a user attempts to login.
$b is an array


@ -1,40 +1,110 @@
figure { border: 4px #eeeeee solid; }
figure img { padding: 2px; }
figure figcaption { background: #eeeeee; color: #444444; padding: 2px; font-style: italic;}
Creating posts
* [Home](help)
Here you can find an overview of the different ways to create and edit your post. <span style="color: red;">Attention: we've used the <b>"diabook"</b> theme. If you're using another theme, some of the icons may be different.</span>
Here you can find an overview of the different ways to create and edit your post.
One click on "Share" text box on top of your Home or Network page, and the post editor shows up:
<img src="doc/img/friendica_editor.png" alt="default editor">
<figcaption>Default post editor, with default Friendica theme (duepuntozero)</figcaption>
Post title is optional, you can set it clicking on "Set title".
Posts can optionally be in one or more categories. Write categories name separated by a comma to file your new post.
<img src="doc/img/friendica_editor.png" width="538" height="218" alt="editor">
The Big Empty Textarea is where you write your new post.
You can simply enter your text there and click "Share" button, and your new post will be public on your profile page and shared to your contact.
<i>The different icons</i>
If plain text is not so exciting to you, Friendica understands BBCode to spice up your posts: bold, italic, images, links, lists..
See [BBCode tags reference](help/BBCode) page to see all what you can do.
<img src="doc/img/camera.png" width="44" height="33" alt="editor" align="left" style="padding-bottom: 20px;"> This symbol is used to upload a picture from your computer. If you only want to add an adress (url), you can also use the "tree" icon at the upper part of the editor. After selecting an image, you'll see a thumbnail in the editor.
The icons under the text area are there to help you to write posts quickly:
<img src="doc/img/camera.png" width="32" height="32" alt="editor" align="left" style="padding-bottom: 20px;"> Upload a picture from your computer. The image will be uploaded and correct bbcode tag will be added to your post.
<p style="clear:both;"></p>
<img src="doc/img/paper_clip.png" width="44" height="33" alt="paper_clip" align="left"> This symbol is used to add files from your computer. There'll be no preview of the content.
<img src="doc/img/paper_clip.png" width="32" height="32" alt="paper_clip" align="left"> Add files from your computer. Same as picture, but for generic attachment to the post.
<p style="clear:both;"></p>
<img src="doc/img/chain.png" width="44" height="33" alt="chain" align="left"> This symbol is used to add a web address (url). You'll see a short preview of the website.
<img src="doc/img/chain.png" width="32" height="32" alt="chain" align="left"> Add a web address (url). Enter an url and Friendica will add to your post a link to the url and an excerpt from the web site, if possible
<p style="clear:both;"></p>
<img src="doc/img/video.png" width="44" height="33" alt="video" align="left"> This symbol is used to add a web address (url) of a video file. You'll see a small preview of the video.
<img src="doc/img/video.png" width="32" height="32" alt="video" align="left"> Add a video. Enter the url to a video (ogg) or to a video page on youtube or vimeo, and it will be embedded in your post
<p style="clear:both;"></p>
<img src="doc/img/mic.png" width="44" height="33" alt="mic" align="left"> This symbol is used to add a web address (url) of an audio file. You'll see a player in your completed post.
<img src="doc/img/mic.png" width="32" height="32" alt="mic" align="left"> Add an audio. Same as video, but for audio
<p style="clear:both;"></p>
<img src="doc/img/globe.png" width="44" height="33" alt="globe" align="left"> This symbol is used to add your geographic location. This location will be added into a Google Maps search. That's why a note like "New York" or "10004" is already enough.
<img src="doc/img/globe.png" width="32" height="32" alt="globe" align="left"> Set your geographic location. This location will be added into a Google Maps search. That's why a note like "New York" or "10004" is already enough.
<p style="clear:both;"></p>
**Symbols of other themes**
Those icons can change with themes. Some examples:
<td>Darkbubble: </td>
<td><img src="doc/img/editor_darkbubble.png" alt="darkbubble.png" style="vertical-align:middle;"></td>
<td><i>(inkl. smoothly, testbubble)</i></td>
<td>Frost: </td>
<td><img src="doc/img/editor_frost.png" alt="frost.png" style="vertical-align:middle;"> </td>
<td>Vier: </td>
<td><img src="doc/img/editor_vier.png" alt="vier.png" style="vertical-align:middle;"></td>
<td><i>(inkl. dispy)</i></td>
<p style="clear:both;">&nbsp;</p>
<p style="clear:both;">&nbsp;</p>
**<img src="doc/img/lock.png" width="32" height="32" alt="lock icon" style="vertical-align:middle;"> The lock**
The last button, the Lock, is the most important feature in Friendica. If the lock is open, your post will be public, and will shows up on your profile page when strangers visit it.
Click on it and the *Permission settings* window (aka "*Access Control Selector*" or "*ACL Selector*") pops up. There you can select who can see the post.
<img src="doc/img/acl_win.png" alt="Permission settings window">
<figcaption>Permission settings window with some contact selected</figcaption>
Click on "show" under contact name to hide the post to everyone but selected.
Click on "Visible to everybody" to make the post public again.
If you have defined some groups, you can check "show" for groups also. All contact in that group will see the post.
If you want to hide the post to one contact of a group selected for "show", click "don't show" under contact name.
Click again on "show" or "don't show" to switch it off.
You can search for contacts or groups with the search box.
See also [Group and Privacy](help/Groups-and-Privacy)
Cleanzero <img src="doc/img/editor_zero.png" alt="cleanzero.png" style="padding-left: 20px; vertical-align:middle;">
WYSIAWYG (What You See Is About What You Get)
<span style="padding-left: 10px; font-style:italic;">(incl. more "zero"-themes, comix, easterbunny, facepark, slackr </span>
Friendica can use TinyMCE as rich text editor. This way you can write beatifull post without the need to know [BBCode](help/BBCode).
Darkbubble <img src="doc/img/editor_darkbubble.png" alt="darkbubble.png" style="padding-left: 14px; vertical-align:middle;"> <i>(inkl. smoothly, testbubble)</i>
By default, rich editor is disabled. You can enable it from Settings -> [Aditional features](settings/features) page, turn on Richtext Editor and click "Submit".
Frost <img src="doc/img/editor_frost.png" alt="frost.png" style="padding-left: 42px; vertical-align:middle;">
<img src="doc/img/friendica_rich_editor.png" alt="default editor">
<figcaption>Rich editor, with default Friendica theme (duepuntozero)</figcaption>
Vier <img src="doc/img/editor_vier.png" alt="vier.png" style="padding-left: 44px; vertical-align:middle;"> <i>(inkl. dispy)</i>



Width: 729  |  Height: 400  |  Size: 54 KiB



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Width: 32  |  Height: 32  |  Size: 895 B



Width: 43  |  Height: 33  |  Size: 709 B


Width: 32  |  Height: 32  |  Size: 356 B



Width: 538  |  Height: 218  |  Size: 15 KiB


Width: 570  |  Height: 321  |  Size: 7.8 KiB



Width: 573  |  Height: 259  |  Size: 9.7 KiB



Width: 43  |  Height: 33  |  Size: 1.8 KiB


Width: 32  |  Height: 32  |  Size: 806 B



Width: 32  |  Height: 32  |  Size: 451 B



Width: 43  |  Height: 33  |  Size: 1017 B


Width: 32  |  Height: 32  |  Size: 617 B



Width: 43  |  Height: 33  |  Size: 1.7 KiB


Width: 32  |  Height: 32  |  Size: 670 B



Width: 43  |  Height: 33  |  Size: 547 B


Width: 32  |  Height: 32  |  Size: 629 B