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# Using the Friendica tests
## Install PHPUnit
## Install Tools
Please use [setup-phpunit.sh](https://github.com/friendica/friendica/bin/dev/setup-phpunit.sh) to install the necessary PHPUnit version.
It will temporarily install the `phpunit` phar file into the `bin/` subdirectory
You need to install the following software:
* MySQL or Mariadb (the latter is preferred)
Currently, Friendica uses PHPUnit 8.
For example in Ubuntu you can run:
## Supported PHP versions of these tests
sudo apt install mariadb-server php
The Unit-Tests of Friendica requires at least PHP 7.2.
## Install PHP extensions
The following extensions must be installed:
* Curl
* GD
* SimpleXML
* Intl
* Multi-precision
* Multi-byte string
For example in Ubuntu:
sudo apt install php-mysql php-curl php-gd php-xml php-intl php-gmp php-mbstring
## Create Local Database
The default database name is `test`, username `friendica`, password
`friendica`. These can be overridden using environment variables
`DATABASE_PASSWORD`. Whatever settings you choose, you must give the
corresponding user the necessary privileges to create and destroy the
chosen database.
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON test.* TO 'friendica'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'friendica' WITH GRANT OPTION;
GRANT CREATE, DROP ON test.* TO 'friendica'@'localhost';
## Use Docker Database
Instead of using a local database, you can also use a database running in a docker container.
TODO this section needs to be filled in with working examples.
## Running Tests
You can then run the tests using the `autotest.sh` script. You should
specify the type of database as an argument, either `mysql` or
bin/dev/autotest.sh mariadb
You can also run just one particular file of tests:
bin/dev/autotest.sh mariadb src/Util/ImagesTest.php
Example output of tests passing:
OK (2 tests, 2 assertions)
Failed tests look like this. Examine the output before this to see which tests failed.
Tests: 2, Assertions: 2, Failures: 1.