naked link with no protocol being passed from Diaspora

friendica 11 years ago
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@ -1,18 +0,0 @@
Friendica Developer Guide
Here is how you can join us.
First, get yourself a working git package on the system where you will be
doing development.
Create your own github account.
Follow the instructions provided here: [[]]
to create and use your own tracking fork on github
Then go to your github page and create a "Pull request" when you are ready
to notify us to merge your work.
Please pull in any changes from the project repository and merge them with your work **before** issuing a pull request. We reserve the right to reject any patch which results in a large number of merge conflicts. This is especially true in the case of language translations - where we may not be able to understand the subtle differences between conflicting versions.

@ -12,6 +12,11 @@ function oembed_replacecb($matches){
function oembed_fetch_url($embedurl){
if(! strpos('://',$embedurl)) {
// this may be wrong but it's already wrong, we can only guess
$embedurl = 'http://' . $embedurl;
$txt = Cache::get($embedurl);
$noexts = array("mp3","mp4","ogg","ogv","oga","ogm","webm");