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updated CHANGELOG for the 2019.09 release
Hypolite Petovan 2 years ago
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Version 2019.09-dev (UNRELEASED)
Friendica Core:
Update to the translations (DE, FR, NL) [translation teams]
Update to the themes (frio, vier) [JeroenED, MrPetovan, tobiasd, vinzv]
Update to the documentation [guzzisti, vinzv]
Enhanced the log output of the background process [annando]
Enhanced the vcard translation in the profile (JeroenED)
Enhanced the delivery count [annando]
Enhanced ActivityPub envelopes [MrPetovan]
Enhanced the following process [annando]
Enhanced the tests [nupplaphil]
Enhanced the frontend worker [annando]
Enhanced the img format to allow alternative texts [annando]
Enhanced the detection of supported protocols for contacts [annando]
Enhanced the reshare of items [annando]
Enhanced 2FA process [MrPetovan]
Enhanced server wide theme settings [MrPetovan]
Enhanced config loading process [MrPetovan, nupplaphil]
Enhanced handling of emoticons [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in the admin panel leading to orphand options [tobiasd]
Fixed a problem that could lead to duplicated Pleroma contacts [annando]
Fixed the problem sending out the post when hitting the enter key in the ACL dialog [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in HTML special character escaping of event titles [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in HTML special character conversion in item titles [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in the auto linker for URLs [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug that prevented the display of images in some postings from diaspora* [MrPetovan]
Fixed a bug in setting the permissions on uploaded images [annando]
Fixed a bug that lead to potentially unwanted importing threads started by contacts of contacts [annando]
Fixed display of register links on closed nodes landing pages [MrPetovan]
General code cleaning [annando, MrPetovan, nupplaphil]
Removed contacts auto completion (in /contacts [MrPetovan]
Replaced FontAwesome by FormAwesome in frio theme [vinzv]
Added new compose page for the frio theme [MrPetovan]
Added new console command: lock [nupplaphil]
Added new additional feature to show trending tags on community page [MrPetovan]
Added support of image descriptions [annando]
Added support of wildcards to server block lists [MrPetovan]
Added app specific passwords when using 2FA [MrPetovan]
Added fetching of postings via URL to interact with public postings [annando]
Friendica Addons:
Update to the translation (DE, FR, NL SV) [translation teams]
General code cleanup [nupplaphil, Quix0r]
Enhanced handling of multi image postings [annando]
Added alternative text support for images [annando]
Closed Issues:
3816, 4815, 6675, 7235, 7293, 7314, 7317, 7337, 7338, 7346, 7350,
7367, 7383, 7396, 7397, 7401, 7406, 7408, 7426, 7428, 7456, 7442,
7457, 7468, 7471, 7473, 7488, 7497, 7498, 7501, 7507, 7522, 7527,
7536, 7542, 7545
Version 2019.06 (2019-06-23)
Friendica Core: