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be more precise about items to copy

be more precise about items to copy to the new friendica folder when upgrading
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@@ -8,7 +8,13 @@ Updating Friendica
If you installed Friendica in the ``path/to/friendica`` folder:

1. Unpack the new Friendica archive in ``path/to/friendica_new``.
2. Copy ``config/local.config.php``, ``photo/`` and ``proxy/`` from ``path/to/friendica`` to ``path/to/friendica_new``.
2. Copy the following items from ``path/to/friendica`` to ``path/to/friendica_new``:
* ``config/local.config.php``
* ``proxy/``
The following items only need to be copied if they are located inside your friendica path:
* your storage folder as set in **Admin -> Site -> File Upload -> Storage base path**
* your item cache as set in **Admin -> Site -> Performance -> Path to item cache**
* your temp folder as set in **Admin -> Site -> Advanced -> Temp path**
3. Rename the ``path/to/friendica`` folder to ``path/to/friendica_old``.
4. Rename the ``path/to/friendica_new`` folder to ``path/to/friendica``.
5. Check your site. Note: it may go into maintenance mode to update the database schema.