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Michael Vogel 7 years ago
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Version 3.4.2
Updates to the documentation (tobias, silke, annando)
Updates to the translations (tobiasd & translation teams)
Updates to themes frost-mobile, vier, duepuntozero, quattro (annando, tobiasd)
Enancements of the communications via OStatus and Diaspora protocols (annando)
Option to automatically follow OStatus contacts was moved from addon to the core (annando)
Add tool to import OStatus contacts from an old account (annando)
SALMON slaps with OStatus were reworked (annando)
Fix for saving searches (rabuzarus)
Fix separation of list items in contact editor (issue #1747) (tobiasd)
When a picture is uploaded, "don't send a note about this new picture" is now the default behaviour (tobiasd)
Show profile url in contact-edit overview listing (issue #1745) (tobiasd)
The vagrant VM usage was changed so that the "installation" is now done automatically on the first run. Example users are automatically put into the database (silke)
Buttons to insert images or attachment to a post use a popup browser to select a previously uploaded item or upload a new one (fabrixxm, rabuzarus)
Improvements in contact handling (annando)
Friendica node can now query other nodes about their users and the contact lists (annando)
Contact recommendation is done only for recently active users (annando)
Admins can opt for search the local DB for contacts instead of the global directory (annando)
The global directory is queried in the background to update local DB and improve similar searches in the future. (annando)
By communication over the Diaspora protocol, red#matrix sources are now correctly identified, hubzilla is detected (annando)
Adopt limitation of usage of "-" in username to avoid conflicts with GNU Social and Diaspora (annando)
The [url] tag now also suppots ftp, mailto, gopher links (annando)
An "inspect queue" module was added to the admin panel (tobiasd)
Fix some missing SQL data escapes (fabrixxm)
Improved the accessibility of the web UI for better screen reader compatibility (annando)
Added access keys (annando)
Support for the public relay server of Diaspora (annando)
Support for the new nodeinfo protocol (successor of current statistics.json), addon deprecated as functionality has been moved into the core (annando)
Fix issue with moved Friendica profiles and Diaspora communication (issue #1491) (annando)
Show more information on contact request page (issue #1739) (annando)
Support for newer versions of the Twidere client was enhanced (annando)
Support for inline [code] tag usage (fabrixxm)
Fix login form in aside (issue #1348) (annando)
Show both url-style and webfinger-style identity address in profile (issue #1621) (tobiasd)
Add button to reload all active plugins in admin plugins page to ensure new hooks are used (fabrixxm)
Make the hardcoded path to global directory configurable (annando)
Change default directory to (annando)
Improve cache system with granular expire time (annando)
Remove oohembed code (issue #1855) (annando)
Version 3.4.1
Implement server-to-server encryption (RINO) using php-encryption library as "RINO 2", deprecate "RINO 1" (issue #1655) (fabrixxm)