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@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ Vagrant for Friendica Developers
* [Home](help)
**Getting started**
[Vagrant]( is a virtualization solution for developers. No need to setup up a webserver, database etc. before actually starting. Vagrant creates a virtual machine (an Ubuntu 12.04) for you that you can just run inside VirtualBox and start to work directly on Friendica. What you need to do:
1. Install VirtualBox and vagrant.
@ -20,4 +22,18 @@ If you want to stop vagrant after finishing your work, run the following command
in the development directory.
**Import test data**
If you want some test data in your vagrant Friendica instance import the database dump friendica_test_data.sql like so (inside the VM):
$> mysql -u root -p friendica < /vagrant/friendica_test_data.sql
You will then have the following accounts to login:
* admin, password admin
* friendica1, password friendica
* friendica2, password friendica2 and so on until friendica5
* friendica1 is connected to all others. friendica1 has two groups: group1 with friendica2 and friendica4, group2 with friendica3 and friendica5.
* friendica2 and friendica3 are conntected. friendica4 and friendica5 are connected.
For further documentation of vagrant, please see [the vagrant*docs*](