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Merge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'remotes/upstream/master'

* remotes/upstream/master: (22 commits)
  stray debug statements, forgot to filter pending contacts
  bug #369 - show contacts who are not in any groups
  extended the "interesting" profile attributes
  send link directly to profile tab
  stray log statements
  profile change activities
  allow setting default new friend notify
  turn off new friend activity by default
  rev update
  diabook-themes: fixed css for settings aside-links
  diabook-themes: css-fixes in aside
  fix css in aside
  query to find un-grouped contacts
  reverting recent db driver changes - won't install cleanly, won't update cleanly, and leaks DB credentials over the web if there's a connection problem
  turn off update transactions until we figure out how to do them safely.
  table cleanup
  quattro: icons for "Mark all sys notifs read" and "See all notifs" as icons in a toolbar in notifications menu
  main.js: set notifications icon "on" with new unread notifcations. Show "Nothing new here" with no notifications at all
  settings: remove call to profile_load()
  quattro: move center css to style.php. add tpl for generic_links_widget

* master:
Simon L'nu 10 years ago

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