Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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* @file src/Model/User.php
* @brief This file includes the User class with user related database functions
namespace Friendica\Model;
use Friendica\Core\System;
use Friendica\Core\Worker;
use dba;
require_once 'boot.php';
require_once 'plugin.php';
* @brief This class handles User related functions
class User
public static function remove($uid)
if (!$uid) {
logger('Removing user: ' . $uid);
$r = dba::select('user', array(), array('uid' => $uid), array("limit" => 1));
call_hooks('remove_user', $r);
// save username (actually the nickname as it is guaranteed
// unique), so it cannot be re-registered in the future.
dba::insert('userd', array('username' => $r['nickname']));
// The user and related data will be deleted in "cron_expire_and_remove_users" (cronjobs.php)
q("UPDATE `user` SET `account_removed` = 1, `account_expires_on` = UTC_TIMESTAMP() WHERE `uid` = %d", intval($uid));
Worker::add(PRIORITY_HIGH, "Notifier", "removeme", $uid);
// Send an update to the directory
Worker::add(PRIORITY_LOW, "Directory", $r['url']);
if ($uid == local_user()) {