Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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  1. Installing the Friendika/Facebook connector
  2. 1. register an API key for your site from
  3. a. We'd be very happy if you include "Friendika" in the application name
  4. to increase name recognition. The Friendika icons are also present
  5. in the images directory and may be uploaded as a Facebook app icon.
  6. Use images/friendika-16.jpg for the Icon and images/friendika-128.jpg for the Logo.
  7. b. The url should be your site URL with a trailing slash.
  8. You may use as the privacy policy
  9. URL unless your site has different requirements, and
  10. as the Terms of Service URL unless
  11. you have different requirements. (Friendika is a software application
  12. and does not require Terms of Service, though your installation of it might).
  13. c. Set the following values in your .htconfig.php file
  14. $a->config['facebook']['appid'] = 'xxxxxxxxxxx';
  15. $a->config['facebook']['appsecret'] = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
  16. Replace with the settings Facebook gives you.
  17. d. Navigate to Set Web->Site URL & Domain -> Website Settings. Set Site URL
  18. to Set Site Domain to your
  19. 2. Enable the facebook plugin by including it in .htconfig.php - e.g.
  20. $a->config['system']['addon'] = 'plugin1,plugin2,facebook';
  21. 3. Visit the Facebook Settings section of the "Settings->Plugin Settings" page.
  22. and click 'Install Facebook Connector'.
  23. 4. This will ask you to login to Facebook and grant permission to the
  24. plugin to do its stuff. Allow it to do so.
  25. 5. You're done. To turn it off visit the Plugin Settings page again and
  26. 'Remove Facebook posting'.
  27. Vidoes and embeds will not be posted if there is no other content. Links
  28. and images will be converted to a format suitable for the Facebook API and
  29. long posts truncated - with a link to view the full post.
  30. Facebook contacts will not be able to view private photos, as they are not able to
  31. authenticate to your site to establish identity. We will address this
  32. in a future release.