Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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  1. Version 3.3.2
  2. Set default value for all not-null fields (fixes SQL warinigs) (annando)
  3. Fix item filters in network page (issue #1222) (fabrixxm)
  4. Remove reference to an ex Friendica hub from documentation (beardyunixer, tobiasd)
  5. API throttling (annando)
  6. Use a san-serif font in breathe style of vier theme (silke)
  7. Prevent BBCode parsing problems with URLs (annando)
  8. Add back tags to posts to Diaspora (annando)
  9. Better display of pictures in posts (annando)
  10. Fix out of control gprobe process (annando)
  11. Version 3.3.1
  12. JSONP support for API (fabrixxm)
  13. Fixed small bug in direct messages API (fabrixxm)
  14. More filter for direct messages API (fabrixxm)
  15. New hooks "getsiteinfo", "page_info_data" (annando)
  16. Better loop post prevention (annando)
  17. Via API, replace data: uri images in plain text version with link to post. (issue #1134) (fabrixxm)
  18. Set default location to empty for new users. Suppress warning on user creation (issue #1193) (fabrixxm)
  19. Correctly build urls with queries (issue #1190) (fabrixxm)
  20. Optionally use keywords in feed as post tags with "remote self" (annando)
  21. A blacklist of keywords to not use can be defined (annando)
  22. "remote self" works also with Friendica and Diaspora contacts (annando)
  23. Show exact post time after 12 hours (FX7)
  24. Optionally redirect from non-SSL to SSL (annando)
  25. Translation updates
  26. Added CHANGELOG
  27. Version 3.3
  28. API
  29. added support in the API to allow image uploads from Twidere
  30. support for the diaspora app in Firefox
  31. Themes
  32. Stopped support of unmaintained themes. They will continue to work if enabled but are no longer displayed in the list of themes.
  33. Merged all "zero" themes into a theme with variations.
  34. new default avatar by Andi Stadler
  35. Usability
  36. network page as default page after login
  37. sections on users' settings page are now collapsable
  38. automatic updating the network stream was improved
  39. Interaction
  40. ignoring of threads
  41. for selected contects one can now get notifications when they post something, useful e.g. for forums
  42. After a new friendica contact is added, the user is directed to the contact page of the new contact. (Instead of the remote profile)
  43. many improvement on all connectors, new connector
  44. the algorithm for shortening postings when posting to limited platforms was improved
  45. improvements for the remote_self functionality for RSS/Atom feeds were done
  46. System stuff
  47. no more apc support due problems with PHP 5.5
  48. privacy image cache moved from an addon into the core
  49. updated the following libraries: smarty 3.1.19, fullcalendar 1.6.4, jquery 1.11, jgrowl 1.3.0
  50. added modernizer 2.8.3, better browser support
  51. updates to the DB structure for better performance
  52. preperations to use PDO in a later release
  53. new notification system
  54. web interface translations updated, addon translations now also possible separately from the main UI and done for CS, IT, RO, DE
  55. vagrant support added for developers
  56. some bugs were fixed for the profile import function
  57. BBCode handling and reformatting to e.g. markdown was improved
  58. Internal PusH server for communication with OStatus contacts
  59. Addons
  60. translation now done at transifex as well
  61. "newmemberwidget" adds widget with help links + welcome message to sidebar of network tab for new members
  62. new statistics addon to take part in the Diaspora* survey
  63. new bidirectional connector for
  64. new relay connector for Diaspora*
  65. new connector for the buffer service
  66. improvements for the connectors with Twitter, StatusNet/GNU Social,, google+ and facebook
  67. improvements to the cal and jappix-mini addons
  68. Change in the structure of the git repo
  69. The "master" branch will now contain stable stuff and hotfixes.
  70. The new "develop" branch will contain the latest changes.
  71. Version 3.2
  72. LICENSE change from Friendica uses now the AGPL
  73. Language updates: PT_BR, RU, NB_NO, DE, PL, CS, ZH-CN, IT, CA, FR, NL
  74. new languages: BG
  75. added a README.translate and updates to the translation utils
  76. addons are now translated separately
  77. Theme updates: vier, smoothly, diabook, decaf-mobile, dispy, frost, frost-mobile, quattro
  78. Bug fixes: #516, #517, #525, #476, #540, #546, #712, #728
  79. sample nginx and lighttpd config
  80. new default templating engine: smarty3
  81. new share element
  82. maintenance mode for longer running upgrade tasks
  83. small fixed
  84. edit profile photo link
  85. better caching of pictures
  86. threadening for outgoing emails
  87. mail import
  88. oembed thumbnails
  89. SN subscriptions & more SN like behaviour if snautofollow addon is used
  90. collect content of SN discussion threads
  91. communication with Diaspora*
  92. usage of the API
  93. search improvements
  94. MIME types for attachments
  95. support Open Graph and Dublin Core when showing single items
  96. better use of APC if present
  97. use https versions of videos from youtube and vimeo to make firefox happy
  98. fixes to the documentation
  99. if a home.html is there, home.css is used as well
  100. update included TinyMCE to version 3.5.8, fancybox
  101. made more options available in the admin panel that were hidden before
  102. show the admin information about when accounts expire in the admin panel
  103. improving the install.php script
  104. addons now can be members only
  105. item object now contains the "edited" information left for the theme designers to show this info in a pretty way
  106. improvments to the user-import from exported account files
  107. It's now possible to authenticate an ejabberd server against friendica.
  108. bugtracker moved to github
  109. improvements to MySQL queries
  110. Version 3.1
  111. See