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____ StatusNet Plugin ____
by Tobias Diekershoff
!! This addon is currently under development. If you have any problem !!
!! with it, please contact the Author. !!
With this addon to Friendika you can give your user the possibility to post
their public messages to any StatusNet instance (like for example).
The messages will be strapped their rich context and shortened to to the character
limit of the StatusNet instance in question if necessary. If shortening of the
message was performed a link will be added to the notice pointing to the
original message on your server.
There is a similar plugin to forward public messages to Twitter: Twitter Plugin.
Online version of this document:
___ Requirements ___
Due to the distributed nature of the StatusNet network, each user who wishes to
forward public messages to a StatusNet account has to get the OAuth credentials
for themselves, which makes this addon a little bit more user unfriendly than
the Twitter Plugin is. Nothing too geeky though!
The inclusion of a shorturl for the original posting in cases when the message
was longer than the maximal allowed notice length requires it, that you have
PHP5+ and curl on your server.
Where to find
In the Friendika git repository /addon/statusnet/, this directory contains all
required PHP files (including the Twitter OAuth library [1] by Abraham Williams,
MIT licensed and the Slinky library [2] by Beau Lebens, BSD license), a CSS file
for styling of the user configuration and an image to Sign in with StatusNet.
___ Configuration ___
__ Global Configuration __
To activate this addon add statusnet to the list of active addons in your
.htconfig.php file
$a->config['system']['addon'] = "statusnet, ...".
__ User Configuration __
When the addon is activated the user has to aquire three things in order to
connect to the StatusNet account of choice.
* the base URL for the StatusNet API, for this is
* OAuth Consumer key & secret
To get the OAuth Consumer key pair the user has to (a) ask her Friendika admin
if a pair already exists or (b) has to register the Friendika server as a
client application on the StatusNet server. This can be done from the account
settings under "Connect -> Connections -> Register an OAuth client application
-> Register a new application".
During the registration of the OAuth client remember the following:
* there is no callback url
* register a desktop client
* with read & write access
* the Source URL should be the URL of your Friendika server
After the required credentials for the application are stored in the
configuration you have to actually connect your Friendika account with
StatusNet. To do so follow the Sign in with StatusNet button, allow the access
and copy the security code into the plugin configuration. Friendika will then
try to acquire the final OAuth credentials from the API, if successful the
plugin settings will allow you to select to post your public messages to your
StatusNet account.