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Twitter Addon

Main authors Tobias Diekershoff, Michael Vogel and Hypolite Petovan.

This bi-directional connector addon allows each user to crosspost their Friendica public posts to Twitter, import their Twitter timeline, interact with tweets from Friendica, and crosspost to Friendica their public tweets.


To use this addon you have to register an application for your Friendica instance on Twitter. Register your Friendica site as "Client" application with "Read & Write" access we do not need "Twitter as login". Please leave the field "Callback URL" empty. When you've registered the app you get the OAuth Consumer key and secret pair for your application/site.

After the registration please enter the values for "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret" in the administration.

Alternative configuration

Add your key pair to your global config/addon.ini.php.

consumerkey = your consumer_key here
consumersecret = your consumer_secret here

To activate the addon itself add it to the [system] addon setting. After this, users can configure their Twitter account settings from "Settings -> Addon Settings".


The Twitter Connector is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license see the LICENSE file in the addons directory.

The Twitter Connector uses the Twitter OAuth library by Abraham Williams, MIT licensed