Official Addons for the Friendica Communications Platform. (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Authenticate a user against an LDAP directory

Useful for Windows Active Directory and other LDAP-based organisations to maintain a single password across the organisation. Optionally authenticates only if a member of a given group in the directory.

By default, the person must have registered with Friendica using the normal registration procedures in order to have a Friendica user record, contact, and profile. However, it's possible with an option to automate the creation of a Friendica basic account.

Note when using with Windows Active Directory: you may need to set TLS_CACERT in your site ldap.conf file to the signing cert for your LDAP server.

The configuration options for this module may be set in the config/addon.config.php file e.g.:

'ldapauth' => [
    // ldap hostname server - required
    'ldap_server' => '',

    // admin dn - optional - only if ldap server dont have anonymous access
    'ldap_binddn' => '',

    // admin password - optional - only if ldap server dont have anonymous access
    'ldap_bindpw' => '',

    // dn to search users - required
    'ldap_searchdn' => '',

    // attribute to find username - required
    'ldap_userattr' => '',

    // DN of the group whose member can auth on Friendica - optional
    'ldap_group' => '',

    // To create Friendica account if user exists in ldap
    // Requires an email and a simple (beautiful) nickname on user ldap object
    // active account creation - optional - default true
    'ldap_autocreateaccount' => true,

    // attribute to get email - optional - default : 'mail'
    'ldap_autocreateaccount_emailattribute' => 'mail',

    // attribute to get nickname - optional - default : 'givenName'
    'ldap_autocreateaccount_nameattribute' => 'givenName',