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$a->strings["Three Dimensional Tic-Tac-Toe"] = "Tredimensionellt luffarschack";
$a->strings["3D Tic-Tac-Toe"] = "3D-luffarschack";
$a->strings["New game"] = "Ny spelomg&aring;ng";
$a->strings["New game with handicap"] = "Ny spelomg&aring;ng med handikapp";
$a->strings["Three dimensional tic-tac-toe is just like the traditional game except that it is played on multiple levels simultaneously. "] = "Det tredimensionella luffarschacket &auml;r precis som vanligt luffarschack f&ouml;rutom att det spelas i flera niv&aring;er samtidigt. ";
$a->strings["In this case there are three levels. You win by getting three in a row on any level, as well as up, down, and diagonally across the different levels."] = "H&auml;r &auml;r det tre niv&aring;er. Man vinner om man f&aring;r tre i rad p&aring; vilken niv&aring; som helst, eller upp&aring;t, ned&aring;t eller diagonalt p&aring; flera niv&aring;er.";
$a->strings["The handicap game disables the center position on the middle level because the player claiming this square often has an unfair advantage."] = "Om man spelar med handikapp s&aring; st&auml;ngs mittenpositionen p&aring; mittenniv&aring;n av eftersom spelare som v&auml;ljer den positionen ofta f&aring;r &ouml;vertaget.";
$a->strings["You go first..."] = "Du b&ouml;rjar...";
$a->strings["I'm going first this time..."] = "Jag b&ouml;rjar den h&auml;r g&aring;ngen...";
$a->strings["You won!"] = "Du vann!";
$a->strings["\"Cat\" game!"] = "\"Cat\" game!";
$a->strings["I won!"] = "Jag vann!";