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* Name: Markdown
* Description: Parse Markdown code when creating new items
* Version: 0.1
* Author: Michael Vogel <>
use Friendica\App;
use Friendica\Core\Hook;
use Friendica\Content\Text\Markdown;
use Friendica\Core\Renderer;
use Friendica\DI;
function markdown_install() {
Hook::register('post_local_start', __FILE__, 'markdown_post_local_start');
Hook::register('addon_settings', __FILE__, 'markdown_addon_settings');
Hook::register('addon_settings_post', __FILE__, 'markdown_addon_settings_post');
function markdown_addon_settings(App $a, &$s)
if (!local_user()) {
$enabled = intval(DI::pConfig()->get(local_user(), 'markdown', 'enabled'));
$t = Renderer::getMarkupTemplate('settings.tpl', 'addon/markdown/');
$s .= Renderer::replaceMacros($t, [
'$title' => DI::l10n()->t('Markdown'),
'$enabled' => ['enabled', DI::l10n()->t('Enable Markdown parsing'), $enabled, DI::l10n()->t('If enabled, self created items will additionally be parsed via Markdown.')],
'$submit' => DI::l10n()->t('Save Settings'),
function markdown_addon_settings_post(App $a, &$b)
if (!local_user() || empty($_POST['markdown-submit'])) {
DI::pConfig()->set(local_user(), 'markdown', 'enabled', intval($_POST['enabled']));
function markdown_post_local_start(App $a, &$request) {
if (empty($request['body']) || !DI::pConfig()->get(local_user(), 'markdown', 'enabled')) {
// Escape elements that shouldn't be parsed
$request['body'] = \Friendica\Content\Text\BBCode::performWithEscapedTags(
['code', 'noparse', 'nobb', 'pre', 'share', 'url', 'img', 'bookmark',
'audio', 'video', 'youtube', 'vimeo', 'attachment', 'iframe', 'map', 'mail'],
function ($body) {
// Escape mentions which username can contain Markdown-like characters
// See
return \Friendica\Util\Strings::performWithEscapedBlocks($body, '/[@!][^@\s]+@[^\s]+\w/', function ($text) {
return Markdown::toBBCode($text);