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* Name: Libravatar Support
* Description: If there is no avatar image for a new user or contact this addon will look for one at Libravatar. Please disable Gravatar addon if you use this one. (requires PHP >= 5.3)
* Version: 1.1
* Author: Klaus Weidenbach <>
use Friendica\App;
use Friendica\Core\Addon;
use Friendica\Core\Hook;
use Friendica\Core\Logger;
use Friendica\Core\Renderer;
use Friendica\DI;
use Friendica\Util\ConfigFileLoader;
use Friendica\Util\Strings;
* Installs the addon hook
function libravatar_install()
Hook::register('load_config', 'addon/libravatar/libravatar.php', 'libravatar_load_config');
Hook::register('avatar_lookup', 'addon/libravatar/libravatar.php', 'libravatar_lookup');
Logger::notice("registered libravatar in avatar_lookup hook");
function libravatar_load_config(App $a, ConfigFileLoader $loader)
* Looks up the avatar at Libravatar and returns the URL.
* @param $a array
* @param &$b array
function libravatar_lookup($a, &$b)
$default_avatar = DI::config()->get('libravatar', 'default_avatar');
if (empty($default_avatar)) {
// if not set, look up if there was one from the gravatar addon
$default_avatar = DI::config()->get('gravatar', 'default_avatar', 'identicon');
require_once 'Services/Libravatar.php';
$libravatar = new Services_Libravatar();
$avatar_url = $libravatar->getUrl($b['email']);
$b['url'] = $avatar_url;
$b['success'] = true;
* Display admin settings for this addon
function libravatar_addon_admin(&$a, &$o)
$t = Renderer::getMarkupTemplate("admin.tpl", "addon/libravatar");
$default_avatar = DI::config()->get('libravatar', 'default_avatar', 'identicon');
// Available options for the select boxes
$default_avatars = [
'mm' => DI::l10n()->t('generic profile image'),
'identicon' => DI::l10n()->t('random geometric pattern'),
'monsterid' => DI::l10n()->t('monster face'),
'wavatar' => DI::l10n()->t('computer generated face'),
'retro' => DI::l10n()->t('retro arcade style face'),
'robohash' => DI::l10n()->t('roboter face'),
'pagan' => DI::l10n()->t('retro adventure game character'),
if (Addon::isEnabled('gravatar')) {
$o = '<h5>' .DI::l10n()->t('Information') .'</h5><p>' .DI::l10n()->t('Gravatar addon is installed. Please disable the Gravatar addon.<br>The Libravatar addon will fall back to Gravatar if nothing was found at Libravatar.') .'</p><br><br>';
// output Libravatar settings
$o .= Renderer::replaceMacros( $t, [
'$submit' => DI::l10n()->t('Save Settings'),
'$default_avatar' => ['avatar', DI::l10n()->t('Default avatar image'), $default_avatar, DI::l10n()->t('Select default avatar image if none was found. See README'), $default_avatars],
* Save admin settings
function libravatar_addon_admin_post(&$a)
$default_avatar = (!empty($_POST['avatar']) ? Strings::escapeTags(trim($_POST['avatar'])) : 'identicon');
DI::config()->set('libravatar', 'default_avatar', $default_avatar);