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* Version: 1.0
* Author: Mike Macgirvin <http://macgirvin.com/profile/mike>
* Provides a set of text "snippets" which can be inserted into a comment window by clicking on them.
* First enable the addon in the system admin panel.
* Then each person can tailor their choice of words in Settings->Plugin Settings in the Qcomment
* pane. Initially no qcomments are provided, but on viewing the settings page, a default set of
* of words is suggested. These can be accepted (click Submit) or edited first. Each text line represents
* a different qcomment.
* Many themes will hide the qcomments above or immediately adjacent to the comment input box until
* you wish to use them. On some themes they may be visible.
* Wave the mouse around near the comment input box and the qcomments will show up. Click on any of
* them to open the comment window fully and insert the qcomment. Then "Submit" will submit it.
function qcomment_install() {