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//MySQL host.
$db_host = 'localhost';
$db_user = 'root';
$db_pass = 'root';
$db_data = 'friendica_dir';
// Choose a legal default timezone. If you are unsure, use "America/Los_Angeles".
// It can be changed later and only applies to timestamps for anonymous viewers.
$default_timezone = 'Europe/Amsterdam';
// What is your site name?
$a->config['sitename'] = "EXPERIMENTAL Friendica public directory";
//Statistic display settings.
$a->config['stats'] = array(
//For site health, the max age for which to display data.
'maxDataAge' => 3600*24*30*4 //120 days = ~4 months
//Settings related to the syncing feature.
$a->config['syncing'] = array(
//Pulling may be quite intensive at first when it has to do a full sync and your directory is empty.
//This timeout should be shorter than your cronjob interval. Preferably with a little breathing room.
'timeout' => 3*60, //3 minutes
//Push new submits to the `sync-target` entries?
'enable_pushing' => true,
//Maximum amount of items per batch per target to push to other sync-targets.
//For example: 3 targets x20 items = 60 requests.
'max_push_items' => 10,
//Pull updates from the `sync-target` entries?
'enable_pulling' => true,
//This is your normal amount of threads for pulling.
//With regular intervals, there's no need to give this a high value.
//But when your server is brand new, you may want to keep this high for the first day or two.
'pulling_threads' => 25,
//How many items should we crawl per sync?
'max_pull_items' => 250
//Things related to site-health monitoring.
$a->config['site-health'] = array(
//Wait for at least ... before probing a site again.
//The longer this value, the more "stable" site-healths will be over time.
//Note: If a bad (negative) health site submits something, a probe will be performed regardless.
'min_probe_delay' => 24*3600, // 1 day
//Probes get a simple /friendica/json file from the server.
//Feel free to set this timeout to a very tight value.
'probe_timeout' => 5, // seconds
//Imports should be fast. Feel free to prioritize healthy sites.
'skip_import_threshold' => -20
//Things related to the maintenance cronjob.
$a->config['maintenance'] = array(
//This is to prevent I/O blocking. Will cost you some RAM overhead though.
//A good server should handle much more than this default, so you can tweak this.
'threads' => 10,
//Limit the amount of scrapes per execution of the maintainer.
//This will depend a lot on the frequency with which you call the maintainer.
//If you have 10 threads and 80 max_scrapes, that means each thread will handle 8 scrapes.
'max_scrapes' => 80,
//Wait for at least ... before scraping a profile again.
'min_scrape_delay' => 3*24*3600, // 3 days
//At which health value should we start removing profiles?
'remove_profile_health_threshold' => -60