Addon for Friendica that adds a small mathematical challenge to the registration form that needs to be solved before the registration can be performed.
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  1. Math Captcha Addon
  2. ==================
  3. Addon for Friendica 2019.03 and later.
  4. This addon for [Friendica]( adds a small mathematical task to the registration form.
  5. If this task was not solved correctly, the the registration process fails.
  6. The task is randomly created combining two numbers between 1 and 10 with the addition, subtraction and multiplication operations.
  7. * Author: Tobias Diekershoff
  8. * License: MIT
  9. Installation
  10. ------------
  11. On the server running your Friendica change into your addon directory and clone this git repository.
  12. You should then have all the needed files in the
  13. /addon/mathcaptcha
  14. directory of your Friendica installation.
  15. Afterwards enable the addon in the admin panel as usual.
  16. Translations
  17. ------------
  18. You can translate this addon by translating the strings in the `lang/C/messages.po` file and copy the resulting `messages.po` to the `lang/LNG_CODE` directory of your language..
  19. To generate the needed `strings.php` file for your language, use the tools [Friendica supplies](
  20. Custom Themes
  21. -------------
  22. If your theme does supply an alternative registration form, you need to supply a modified version of the form to the addon or the addons default template will be used.
  23. Your theme specific template needs to be placed in
  24. /addon/matchcaptcha/templates/theme/THEME_NAME/register.tpl
  25. and has to contain the following new fields
  26. <h4>{{$captchaTitle}}</h4>
  27. <p>{{$captchaDescription}}</p>
  28. {{include file="field_input.tpl" field=$mathcaptcha}}
  29. at the correct position of the form.