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fabrixxm daf65232f1 Sticky post in blog home: change style and display
For sticky post in blog home show only header with title,
change background and add show ribbon
5 years ago
fabrixxm b55f3e2447 Bigger font and dark backgroun in home header
Fix #2
5 years ago
fabrixxm d3f89ae410 Replace Font Awesome with Fork Awesome. Remove custom Friendica icon
Use fa-friendica from fork awesome
5 years ago
fabrixxm f68cafa552 Fix nav menu 6 years ago
fabrixxm 81e48f9a40 Use a local copy of Raleway 6 years ago
fabrixxm 72e262240f Stle ribbon in header 6 years ago
Fabio 5f63119ef0 Fix popups and add last news in homepage
- popup submenu item full width and left aligned
- minimum width for the popup submenu
- popup submenu closer to parent item. should fix popup issues.
- images in posts have max-width to 100%
- show last news in homepage
6 years ago
fabrixxm a469aa9ae5 Move up 6 years ago