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Custom files for

These files are the cutsom files for They are overriding the default template files of gitea. The content of custom needs to be placed in /var/lib/gitea and /usr/share/gitea (at least at Files there are accessed in the assets path.


Translation of the strings can be done at Transifex with the rest of the project resources.


  1. Update the strings at the top of the file, those that start with a str_ in the name.
  2. Extract them with pygettext -p ./lang/C/
  3. Commit the new messages.pot file and push it to the repository at
  4. Wait for Transifex to pick up the changes and the translation teams to make the new translations
  5. Download the finished translations to lang/$lngcode/LC_MESSAGES/messages.pot
  6. Edit the messages.pot file and set the characterset to UTF-8. "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
  7. Convert the messages.pot file to using msgfmt messages.pot
  8. Run python3 it will recreate the custom/templates/home.tmpl file
  9. Upload that file and copy it to the custom/templates/ directory of the gitea instance.


The python script to generate the template file has been released under the terms of the MIT license.