12 UX Watchdogs project
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This project is about improving the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of Friendica. Discussions about this are held on the @UX-Watchdogs forum.


Main focus

Use Friendica’s essentials to structure it better.

Let’s focus on the top problems Friendica solves for us and others. Their importance should reflect in the interface / user experience. The essentials should work well and be easy to configure. A collection of our top problems Friendica solves:

  • combine multiple networks smoothly
  • have a decentralized, federal social networking platform
  • control our data
  • share information / photos with friends (but not on FB et al.)
  • read, write, comment stuff

Additionally, we want to learn more about user experience by watching newcomers use Friendica.


This roadmap is defines the current priorities of what we want to work on UX wise. It’s not bound to any time-frame since everyone has their own lives to worry about. If you want to help, this is a good place to find what you can work on.

Informational websites

Such as friendica.com and friendi.ca.

  • Create new content to introduce users.
  • Set up github pages to build a prototype together.


  • Look for people (a team) who can make the new theme.
  • Registration process
    • New design for the registration page.
      • Without OpenID support
      • Like this but explaining the directory.
  • Searching
    • Rethink how search works for the user.
  • Settings
  • Contact management.
    • Adding friends needs better process (maybe protocol changes?).
    • Managing friends (the /contacts page).
  • Messages
    • Prepare changes for the post editor (simpler instead of WYSIWYG).

Friendica Directory

  • Integration with Friendica nodes
    • Provide search API.
    • How should Friendica offer this search?
    • The scrape/noscrape fields need a review.
  • Finding users with the directory
    • Show a recently active field?
  • Finding open servers with the directory

How to join

If you would like to help with improving the Friendica UX/UI, here are some places to get started.


On Github you can look for issues that need help. Or if you have a UX issue that is not listed, open a new one.


The forum where we organize this project is @UX-Watchdogs. You can write to use there.

The Developers Manual

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Perhaps you can find it in the Developers Manual.

Notable threads/pages