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This file is part of the Diaspora protocol. It is used for fetching single public posts.
use Friendica\App;
use Friendica\Core\L10n;
use Friendica\Core\Protocol;
use Friendica\Core\System;
use Friendica\Protocol\Diaspora;
use Friendica\Model\Item;
use Friendica\Model\User;
use Friendica\Util\Strings;
use Friendica\Util\XML;
use Friendica\Database\DBA;
function fetch_init(App $a)
if (($a->argc != 3) || (!in_array($a->argv[1], ["post", "status_message", "reshare"]))) {
header($_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"].' 404 '.L10n::t('Not Found'));
$guid = $a->argv[2];
// Fetch the item
$fields = ['uid', 'title', 'body', 'guid', 'contact-id', 'private', 'created', 'app', 'location', 'coord', 'network',
'event-id', 'resource-id', 'author-link', 'author-avatar', 'author-name', 'plink', 'owner-link', 'attach'];
$condition = ['wall' => true, 'private' => false, 'guid' => $guid, 'network' => [Protocol::DFRN, Protocol::DIASPORA]];
$item = Item::selectFirst($fields, $condition);
if (!DBA::isResult($item)) {
$condition = ['guid' => $guid, 'network' => [Protocol::DFRN, Protocol::DIASPORA]];
$item = Item::selectFirst(['author-link'], $condition);
if (DBA::isResult($item)) {
$parts = parse_url($item["author-link"]);
$host = $parts["scheme"]."://".$parts["host"];
if (Strings::normaliseLink($host) != Strings::normaliseLink(System::baseUrl())) {
$location = $host."/fetch/".$a->argv[1]."/".urlencode($guid);
header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
header($_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"].' 404 '.L10n::t('Not Found'));
// Fetch some data from the author (We could combine both queries - but I think this is more readable)
$user = User::getOwnerDataById($item["uid"]);
if (!$user) {
header($_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"].' 404 '.L10n::t('Not Found'));
$status = Diaspora::buildStatus($item, $user);
$xml = Diaspora::buildPostXml($status["type"], $status["message"]);
// Send the envelope
header("Content-Type: application/magic-envelope+xml; charset=utf-8");
echo Diaspora::buildMagicEnvelope($xml, $user);