Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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namespace Friendica\Module\Admin\Addons;
use Friendica\Core\Addon;
use Friendica\Core\L10n;
use Friendica\Core\Renderer;
use Friendica\Module\BaseAdminModule;
class Index extends BaseAdminModule
public static function content()
$a = self::getApp();
// reload active themes
if (!empty($_GET['action'])) {
parent::checkFormSecurityTokenRedirectOnError('/admin/addons', 'admin_addons', 't');
switch ($_GET['action']) {
case 'reload':
info('Addons reloaded');
case 'toggle' :
$addon = $_GET['addon'] ?? '';
if (Addon::isEnabled($addon)) {
info(L10n::t('Addon %s disabled.', $addon));
} elseif (Addon::install($addon)) {
info(L10n::t('Addon %s enabled.', $addon));
} else {
info(L10n::t('Addon %s failed to install.', $addon));
$addons = Addon::getAvailableList();
$t = Renderer::getMarkupTemplate('admin/addons/index.tpl');
return Renderer::replaceMacros($t, [
'$title' => L10n::t('Administration'),
'$page' => L10n::t('Addons'),
'$submit' => L10n::t('Save Settings'),
'$reload' => L10n::t('Reload active addons'),
'$baseurl' => $a->getBaseURL(true),
'$function' => 'addons',
'$addons' => $addons,
'$pcount' => count($addons),
'$noplugshint' => L10n::t('There are currently no addons available on your node. You can find the official addon repository at %1$s and might find other interesting addons in the open addon registry at %2$s', '', ''),
'$form_security_token' => parent::getFormSecurityToken('admin_addons'),