Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Tobias Diekershoff 30f3a16874 Merge branch 'master' of 9 years ago
Contact.php Allow plugins to modify the contact photo menu 9 years ago
EmailNotification.php rfc2047 encode notification email headers 10 years ago
Photo.php change default profile photo to something more interesting than a reddish brown square 9 years ago
Scrape.php improve handling of relative feed url's 9 years ago
acl_selectors.php implement contact archival 9 years ago
api.php change api.php in function api_item_get_user to check if $usercache is NULL before checking an element in it 9 years ago
attach.php mime_content_type requires access to the file, not just the name 9 years ago
auth.php catch OpenID login errors in cases when the OpenID server does not answers 9 years ago
bb2diaspora.php scale external images 9 years ago
bbcode.php allow bbcode representation of html symbols such as © by wrapping in bb brackets 9 years ago
cache.php use mysql replace on cache items 9 years ago
config.php fix setting array values to config items 9 years ago
contact_selectors.php make network_to_name extensible 9 years ago
contact_widgets.php don't provide 'show more' on remote friends in common unless there are actually more 9 years ago
conversation.php redir links for permission controlled attachments 9 years ago
cronhooks.php cronhooks broken 10 years ago
crypto.php rev update 9 years ago
datetime.php more sane defaults datetime_convert 9 years ago
dba.php log db error strings in all cases 9 years ago
delivery.php rev update 9 years ago
diaspora.php more private forums, default privacy group for new contacts 9 years ago
directory.php rev update, bug 428, 429, and ability to block globaldir submissions from demo sites 9 years ago
email.php some reported warnings cleaned up 9 years ago
enotify.php convert html entities to utf-8 before email header encoding 9 years ago
event.php Avoid a Notice 9 years ago
expire.php make it optional to optimize the item table after expire 9 years ago
fcontact.php friend finder support functions 10 years ago
gprobe.php only validate once 9 years ago
group.php theming for default group selector 9 years ago
html2bbcode.php html2bbcode: Disabled size conversion 9 years ago
html2plain.php separate tag search from body search 9 years ago
items.php more private forums, default privacy group for new contacts 9 years ago
message.php send unverified private mail using zrl 9 years ago
msgclean.php New bbcode element: "spoiler". Mail: Top post quotes are now embraced in "spoiler" elements 9 years ago
nav.php another silly mistake 9 years ago
network.php bring in the *much better* xml parser from the original zot branch 9 years ago
notifier.php rev update 9 years ago
oauth.php oauth: authorize 10 years ago
oembed.php bug #346 - add oembed maxwidth to oembed request 9 years ago
onepoll.php don't throw "did not contain xml" error if it's a valid rss that doesn't have the <?xml declaration 9 years ago
pgettext.php rename get_language() to get_browser_language() 9 years ago
pidfile.php New script that checks if a script is running 9 years ago
plugin.php moderated comment templates 9 years ago
poller.php separate poll_interval from delivery_interval - default is the same. 9 years ago
profile_advanced.php Some Bugfixes, and variable checks 9 years ago
profile_selectors.php typo in profile_selectors, fix remote tagging 9 years ago
profile_update.php don't send diaspora profile updates in batch mode 10 years ago
queue.php queue optimisation - back off delivery attempts to once per hour after the first 12 hours. 9 years ago
queue_fn.php finished dry run - now for real test 9 years ago
quoteconvert.php New bbcode element: "spoiler". Mail: Top post quotes are now embraced in "spoiler" elements 9 years ago
remoteupdate.php little stuff - name change, live updates, new network types 10 years ago
salmon.php requeue deliveries on 503 errors which have 'retry-after' headers 10 years ago
security.php rename get_language() to get_browser_language() 9 years ago
session.php Initial checkin 11 years ago
socgraph.php "show more" friends in common 9 years ago
system_unavailable.php resolve file inclusion conflicts w/ multiple plugins, improve the typo checker 10 years ago
template_processor.php ignore utf8 offset error for unit tests 9 years ago
text.php redir links for permission controlled attachments 9 years ago