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Friendica BBCode tags reference


: bold
: italic
: underlined
: strike
: red
: Friendica
: Immagine/foto
[size=xx-small]small text[/size]
: small text
[size=xx-large]big text[/size]
: big text
[size=20]exact size[/size] (size can be any number, in pixel)
: exact size







[quote=Author]Author? Me? No, no, no...[/quote]

Author wrote:

Author? Me? No, no, no...


[center]centered text[/center]
centered text



[table border=1]
   [th]Tables now[/th]
   [td]Have headers[/td]
Tables now
Have headers



 [*] First list element
 [*] Second list element
  • First list element
  • Second list element

[list] is equivalent to [ul] (unordered list).

[ol] can be used instead of [list] to show an ordered list:

 [*] First list element
 [*] Second list element
  • First list element
  • Second list element

For more options on ordered lists, you can define the style of numeration on [list] argument:

: decimal
: lover case roman
: upper case roman
: lover case alphabetic
: upper case alphabetic


You can embed video, audio and more in a message.


Where url can be an url to youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, or other sites wich supports oembed or opengraph specifications. url can be also full url to an ogg file. HTML5 tag will be used to show it.


If url supports oembed or opengraph specifications the embedded object will be shown (eg, documents from scribd). Page title with a link to url will be shown.



You can embed maps from coordinates or addresses. This require "openstreetmap" addon version 1.3 or newer.


If you need to put literal bbcode in a message, [noparse], [nobb] or [pre] are used to escape bbcode:

: [b]bold[/b]