Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Adam Magness e70e48abaa constant 5 years ago
Content Merge pull request #4216 from MrPetovan/bug/4173-fix-oembed-iframe-url 5 years ago
Core constant 5 years ago
Database Corrected field names 5 years ago
Model Fix formatting in NotificationsManager and Model\Contact 5 years ago
Module convert line endings 5 years ago
Network Improve dba::selectFirst calls 5 years ago
Object Improve dba::selectFirst calls 5 years ago
Protocol The changed field name has to be changed here as well 5 years ago
Render Move ITemplateEngine to src 5 years ago
Util Rename selectOne to selectFirst 5 years ago
Worker Corrected function name 5 years ago
App.php Fix Scrutinizer issues in mod [_well_know -> contactgroup] 5 years ago
BaseModule.php Add Base Module class 5 years ago
BaseObject.php Add new Module classes 5 years ago