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Remove Account

We don't like to see people leave Friendica, but if you need to remove your account, you should visit the URL


with your web browser. You will need to be logged in at the time.

You will be asked for your password to confirm the request. If this matches your stored password, your account will immediately be removed. Unlike some social networks we do not hold onto it for a grace period in case you change your mind. Your user details, your conversations, your photos, your friends - everything; will be removed immediately and you will be logged out.

When we expire posts we send notifications out to Friendica to remove the posts. Diaspora doesn't have a bulk delete so this step is skipped on that network - and hopefully it will be obvious that deletion doesn't work on any other networks. If you manually delete a post or a range of posts we send individual delete notifications to Friendica and Diaspora for each deleted post.

Diaspora often loses these.

If you delete a post but somebody else has starred it, it is still removed. Your wishes take priority.

When you remove your account we physically remove all your posts and your profile and user data, etc. immediately.

In order to send out a bulk remove we would need to keep your account around to do this, as we would need to prove to your friends who it is that is submitting the request. We can't do this if you don't have an account.

Your friends may still see your posts if your account is gone, but there is no public place within Friendica where they can be viewed. If you had friends on Diaspora, your public posts may stick around and be visible to others from that network.