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Table profile

Field Description Type Null Key Default Extra
id sequential ID int(11) NO PRI NULL auto_increment
uid of the owner of this data int(11) NO 0
profile-name Name of the profile varchar(255) NO
is-default Mark this profile as default profile tinyint(1) NO 0
hide-friends Hide friend list from viewers of this profile tinyint(1) NO 0
name varchar(255) NO
pdesc Deprecated varchar(255) NO
dob Day of birth varchar(32) NO 0001-01-01
address varchar(255) NO
locality varchar(255) NO
region varchar(255) NO
postal-code varchar(32) NO
country-name varchar(255) NO
hometown Deprecated varchar(255) NO MUL
gender Deprecated varchar(32) NO
marital Deprecated varchar(255) NO
with Deprecated text NO NULL
howlong Deprecated datetime NO 0001-01-01 00:00:00
sexual Deprecated varchar(255) NO
politic Deprecated varchar(255) NO
religion Deprecated varchar(255) NO
pub_keywords text NO NULL
prv_keywords text NO NULL
likes Deprecated text NO NULL
dislikes Deprecated text NO NULL
about Profile description text NO
summary Deprecated varchar(255) NO
music Deprecated text NO NULL
book Deprecated text NO NULL
tv Deprecated text NO NULL
film Deprecated text NO NULL
interest Deprecated text NO NULL
romance Deprecated text NO NULL
work Deprecated text NO NULL
education Deprecated text NO NULL
contact Deprecated text NO NULL
homepage varchar(255) NO
photo varchar(255) NO
thumb varchar(255) NO
publish publish default profile in local directory tinyint(1) NO 0
net-publish publish profile in global directory tinyint(1) NO 0

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