Friendica Communications Platform (please note that this is a clone of the repository at github, issues are handled there)
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Accesskeys in Friendica


  • p: profile
  • n: network
  • c: community
  • s: search
  • a: admin
  • f: notifications
  • u: user menu (in themes "vier" and "quattro")


  • m: Status Messages and Posts
  • r: Profile Details
  • h: Photo Albums
  • v: Videos
  • e: Events and Calendar
  • t: Personal Notes
  • k: View Contacts

/contacts (contact list)

  • g: Suggestions
  • l: Show all Contacts
  • o: Only show unblocked contacts
  • b: Only show blocked contacts
  • i: Only show ignored contacts
  • y: Only show archived contacts
  • h: Only show hidden contacts

/contacts (single contact view)

  • m: Status messages
  • o: Profile
  • t: Contacts
  • d: Common friends
  • r: Advanced


  • m: New message


  • e: Sort by Comment Date
  • t: Sort by Post Date
  • r: Conversation (Posts that mention or involve you)
  • w: New posts
  • b: Bookmarks
  • m: Favourite Posts


  • y: System
  • w: Network
  • r: Personal
  • h: Home
  • i: Introductions


  • o: Account
  • t: Additional features
  • w: Social Networks
  • l: Plugins
  • d: Delegations
  • b: Connected apps
  • e: Export personal data
  • r: Remove account