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<!DOCTYPE html>
<title><?php if(x($page,'title')) echo $page['title']; ?></title>
<script>var baseurl="<?php echo $a->get_baseurl() ?>";</script>
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<article id="articlemain">
<header id="articleheader">
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<aside id="asideleft">
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<?php if(x($page,'aside_left_bottom')) echo $page['aside_left_bottom']; ?>
<section id="sectionmain">
<?php if(x($page,'content')) echo $page['content']; ?>
<footer id="sectionfooter">
<aside id="asidemain">
<?php if(x($page,'aside')) echo $page['aside']; ?>
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<aside id="asideright">
<?php if(x($page,'aside_right')) echo $page['aside_right']; ?>
<?php if(x($page,'aside_right_bottom')) echo $page['aside_right_bottom']; ?>
<footer id="articlefooter">
<?php if(x($page, 'articlefooter')) echo $page['articlefooter']; ?>
<footer id="footer">
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