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Dispy Themes

Dispy: Light, Spartan, Sleek, and Functional

Dispy Dark: Dark, Spartan, Sleek, and Functional

A Brief History

Their beginnings are unknown to me, but they are part of the themes that Mike Macgirvin, Emmanual Revah, put together for Friendica, I think.

Later on, in the fall and winter of 2011-2012, I took over maintaining the original dispy (now called dispy light). It went through a minor re-vamp, keeping to its spartan look as much as possible.

I added more rounded corners, and as Friendica grew in capabilities and features, so did it - but, I always wanted to keep the features down, so as to be fast and spartan, which seems to appeal to a lot of the geekier users (like myself).

Soon after I started maintaining dispy light, I developed its sister theme - dark - according to another user's request (and other "+1" votes for one like it). So dark was "born".

Anyway, I've added a few more things since, and I hope I haven't over-done it ;-).