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This TipTip jQuery plug-in is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

Version 1.3 (Mar. 23, 2010)

Added defaultPoistion option that enables you to set the default orientation TipTip should show up as.
Added attribute option that enables you to set the HTML attribute that TipTip should pull it's content from.
Added content option. This will be used as the content for the TipTip and will overwrite any content pulled form any HTML attribute.
Added activation option enables you to specify the jQuery method TipTip is activated with: hover, focus or click. Now you can use TipTip on forms and for validation!
Added keepAlive option that when set to true the TipTip will only fadeout when you hover over the actual TipTip and then hover off of it. Allowing for hyperlinks inside your TipTip content to be accessible.

Version 1.2 (Jan. 13, 2010)

Added HTML support with Tip Tip. You can now add HTML into the Title attribute (though this is not recommended if you want strictly valid code).
Tightened up spacing margins in JS.
Updated margins in CSS file.

Version 1.1 (Jan. 03, 2010)

Swapped dynamically added orientation CSS class names ('_left' & '_right') to make better sense.
Added in some tighter spacing for the tooltip in JS.

Version 1.0 (Jan. 02, 2010)

Initial release.